INFO: MobileIron: Corporate iPhones and iPads purchased from AT&T, Verizon, and Apple


  • All Apple devices purchased with corporate funds through AT&T, Verizon, or Apple come with MobileIron pre-installed.

Initial Setup Process

Users looking to setup their corporate phone either for the first time or after resetting their device should review the information below.

1. During the initial setup process and/or after the iPhone is factory reset, you will be prompted to "Log in to Partners Healthcare System".

2. When prompted, use your Mass General Brigham email ( as your "Username".

3. Your iPhone or iPad will be enrolled into MobileIron and the following apps will be automatically installed:

    • PARTNERS Email Configuration
    • MobileIron Go
    • Tunnel
    • Partners App Catalog

4. After the MobileIron apps are installed on your device, you will need to setup your email by following the steps below to complete the enrollment.

    • After logging in with your email address in the previous step you will be prompted to enter the password for Exchange (email).
      1. Select Settings when prompted for the Exchange password or navigate to the following:

        • Note: To check the iOS version of your device, you can navigate into Settings > General > About and the version of iOS will be listed under Software Version.

      2. iOS version 14: Open Settings > Select Mail > Select Accounts > Select Partners (OAUTH) > Select Re-enter Password

      3. All other iOS versions: Open Settings > Select Passwords & Accounts > Select Partners (OAUTH) > Select Re-enter Password

      4. Enter your Mass General Brigham password when prompted.

      5. Wait 5-10 minutes.

      6. Open up the Mail app to refresh.                

Go to KB0033865 in the IS Service Desk

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