HOWTO: Mobile Device Backup & Restore


  • Regular backups of your iPhone or Android devices can help prevent loss of data if your mobile device is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Backing up your device also protects you from losing your data if your device gets infected by malware.
  • Best practice is to back up your mobile phone on a periodic basis.   

Please reference the instructions for your specific device:

iOS (iPhone)

Backup -

Restore -


Backup & Restore -


Backing up & restoring a mobile device are supported through help articles found in the Knowledge Base.  The IS Service Desk will be able to direct callers to these articles but may not otherwise be able to troubleshoot issues.  Another alternative is for the device owner to work with the manufacturer and/or service provider to obtain support. 

The IS Service Desk provides support for:

  • MobileIron
  • Mass General Brigham email on a mobile device
  • Reporting a lost or stolen device
  • Resetting a device to factory settings

If assistance is needed with accessing your Mass General Brigham email or enrolling your mobile device in MobileIron, contact the IS Service Desk.

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