HPCWIN4 new user account welcome email

Your account on the HPCWIN4.partners.org Windows Analysis Server is ready. For an overview of this service, including how to contact us for support, see

To begin, see the quick-start guide at

Other documentation for use of the Windows Analysis Servers can be found at

You will be subscribed to our HPCWIN mailing list to receive occasional messages regarding system status, downtime, changes, etc.  See https://rc.partners.org/support-training/eris-service-level-agreement for information on our mailing lists.

Please note:
  * In order to efficiently use this service you need some experience with the Microsoft Windows operating system
  * Accounts are non-transferable and must not be shared with others
  * Please ensure we have valid contact information.  Accounts inactive for 6-12 months may be removed if we are unable to contact you or your supervisor
  * Keep a backup of your data

The default quota for accounts is 50GB.

For details of other ERIS services including database, archive storage, and remote access, see http://rc.partners.org

We hope you find our HPC services useful.  It would be very much appreciated if the Enterprise Research IS group and/or individual Research Computing members receive acknowledgment in publications if you feel our service and facilities have helped your projects.
You can find a guideline for such acknowledgment at:
Please let us know how ERIS helped your research!

Also, if you are applying for a grant and need to reference these resources, you can use the link below.  This is to help researchers copy and paste general, high-level, descriptions of infrastructure into their grants, IRB proposals, contracts, etc.

Finally, a note about availability.  Please see the note regarding occasional offline maintenance of our systems:

=====  ERIS Scientific Computing SUPPORT  =====
Enterprise Research Infrastructure & Services (ERIS)
Partners Research Information Services & Computing
http://rc.partners.org/hpc | hpcsupport@partners.org

Go to KB0028026 in the IS Service Desk

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