Managing End-of-Project Files or Documents in the Analytics Enclave


This document shows the location of the Project File Storage for long-term retention of project-specific documents or files upon completion of your Enclave Project in line with the Mass General Brigham research data requirements.

Definition of Project File Storage:

A network drive provisioned for a specific project to allow file sharing and collaboration between team members. This file share is private, i.e., exclusively accessible to the research project team members and only from within the Enclave environment: P: Drive in the Windows VDI or /data/workspace in the Linux VDI.


All users have discussed with the respective project principal investigators and agreed upon what will be kept in the Project File Storage for long-term retention.


On completion of the Enclave Project, the workspace will be deleted after fifteen (15) days. Additionally, any network drive, storage location, or computational resource(s) dedicated to the project will be permanently deleted. However, the files or documents in the Project File Storage will be archived and locked, therefore not accessible to the project team thereafter.

Location of the Project File Storage in the Enclave Windows Virtual Desktop

Location of the Project File Storage in the Enclave Linux Virtual Desktop

Important Reference

Analytics Enclave Best Practices and Standards

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