Qualtrics: Getting Started


Qualtrics is used for collecting respondent self-report data, via digital surveys. 


Teams/Departments are responsible for reviewing the product features, pricing, etc to determine whether the product meets their needs.  This review should include Qualtrics support services, such as level of support, hours of operation, etc, as there is no Qualtrics application support by MGB staff.

Contact MGB Supply Chain to license Qualtrics.  MGB has a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) in place with Qualtrics, but not Enterprise Licensing. Each Team/Department will need to license services directly.

  • Request a quote from Qualtrics, containing service and cost details.  As of this writing (February, 2021), our vendor contacts for Qualtrics licensing (including individual study team licensing) are:

  • Submit a contract request:

    • Link to the supply chain webpage:  http://supplychain.partners.org/contracting-support/the-contracting-process.aspx
    • Click on the hyperlink in step 1 of the contracting process overview section and an email will be created for you, pre-populated with the relevant questions
    • Fill in responses to the questions (this enables our Contract Administrator to quickly triage each request and assign it to the right Contract Manager)
    • Attach the quote provided by Qualtrics, and submit email
  • Once the quote or statement of work is signed by Supply Chain Contracts, you will be directed to submit a Purchase Requisition to receive a Purchase Order.
  • Provide the PO number to your Qualtrics representative for submission with their invoice to ensure timely payment.


MGB Contract Administrator responsibilities:

  • A dedicated Contract Administrator receives all contract requests, triages, logs into the contracts system
  • An email is sent out to the requester, connecting the requester with the Contract Manager. This all happens in 1 business day


MGB Contract Manager responsibilities:

  • Team/Department works with assigned Contract Manager to ensure quote meets researcher’s expectations and adheres to organizational terms & conditions
  • Contract Manager will sign the quote/statement of work and facilitate signature by vendor 

SERVICE CONTACTS: Qualtrics Service Support: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/

SUPPORT: There is no onsite MGB technical support for Qualtrics. All support must go directly to the vendor service contacts. If you need support with licensing or billing, contact MGB Supply Chain