HOW TO: Fix "Email Address Mismatch" on iPhone

Symptom: After changing a password, or being switched from "" to "" an iPhone will show an "Email Address Mismatch" error


When this occurs:

  • Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts
  • Verify that there is a "PARTNERS (OAUTH) account, and that there are no other Partners or MGB related accounts on the device (this may include Exchange, however verify that the Exchange account is Partners/MGB)
  • Personal email accounts such as iCloud, Gmail, etc. are fine and do NOT need to be removed.


Any Partners/MGB email account that is NOT the "PARTNERS (OAUTH)" account must be deleted

  • Settings > Mail > Accounts
  • Select the Exchange profile NOT labeled "PARTNERS (Oauth)" and tap "Delete Account" at the bottom
    • If you instead find two identical looking "PARTNERS (Oauth)" accounts, only one should have a "Delete Account" option. Delete that one.
  • It is advised that after the duplicate Partners/MGB email account is deleted, that the phone be rebooted.


Once the phone is rebooted

  • Go back into Settings > Mail > Accounts > PARTNERS (OAUTH) and you will be prompted to update your password. You may get prompted earlier, just enter in your info when prompted.


If issues persist, then open a ticket with the "Mac and Mobile Device Services" team.

Go to KB0040376 in the IS Service Desk