HowTo: DMPTool Account Creation


DMPTool Account Creation Guide


To create an account:

  1. Please click DMPTool or type into your browser.

Enter your Primary Mass General Brigham Email Address in the Email address field

What is my primary institutional email address? 

Click “Continue



  1. Enter your information in the “New Account Sign Up” window



    1. Provide your first name and last name in the required boxes


    1. Under Institution begin typing Mass General Brigham, and a list of suggestions will appear, select Mass General Brigham

A picture containing tableDescription automatically generated


Please Note: Institution may be pre-populated based on the email address.  Delete the default Institution and type “Mass General Brigham.”


    1. Accept the terms and conditions and click on the Sign-up tab to create your account


  1. Upon successful account creation, you will receive the following acknowledgment page:


  1. Quick Start Guide:


Go to KB0039998 in the IS Service Desk