Using Citrix apps, EPIC in Mac OSX 10.14, 10.15 with Safari causes black or blank screen

With the advent of Apple’s latest operating systems, and Safari version 12, new security procedures have been implemented by Apple that need to be changed in order to open many Citrix applications in


Please note: Although it may work with 10.14, the Citrix Workspace application should be used with Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina or later.


  1. Open PEAS Self Service (found in your Applications folder)
  2. Log into PEAS and download the Citrix Workspace Application
  3. Open Safari and go to  
  4. in the upper left hand corner of your screen open the Safari menu, and select “Settings for this Website”. This will open a new menu under the address bar. Uncheck the "Enable content blockers" and Look for the "Pop-Up Windows" option, mouse over it and select “Allow”. Now you can click anywhere on the page to close the menu.



5. Refresh the page by clicking on the circular arrow to the right of the address bar.


Then click on Detect Receiver if it is not already running.



6. Log in as necessary. Use your Partners ID and password here.



7. If the system asks about opening the Citrix Workspace, please select "Allow". (screenshot 2nd below)

If the Citrix Workspace application asks for an email address or a URL you can just select cancel.

7a. if the system downloads a small file ending in either .ici or .ica, please open your downloads and select it. We have seen this behavior on some systems. (screenshot directly below)




8. Afterwards the Mac will open the Citrix Workspace.





Please note: Every App will look different depending on user's access rights.