INFO: Self Service Portal for MobileIron

Applies to: devices enrolled into MobileIron

What is the MobileIron Self-Service Portal?

The Self-Service portal is a web site designed to allow you to see what devices you have enrolled in MobileIron.  In addition, it will allow you to perform basic management actions on your devices that you have enrolled.  For example, you can remove old devices associated to MobileIron, retire or wipe your device, and in some cases lock or unlock a forgotten passcode

How to access the Self-Service Portal

You can access the Self Service portal via the website:



    If you are on a Partners network, you will not be prompted to send a text code. This can be particularly useful if you are trying to unlock your own device and can not receive an SMS text

  2. Login with your Partners Email Address


  3. Authenticate via Okta using your Partners ID and Partners Password



What can you do with it?

There are 4 major functions within the Self Service Portal:

  1. Retire:  This will remove MobileIron on your device and will remove all apps and data associated with Partners. This includes information such as Partners Email, Partners Apps (Receiver, Haiku, Dropbox EMM, etc).  This will not touch your personal information, email or pictures

  2. Wipe: This is a full device wipe and will reset your phone to factory defaults
  3. Unlock: If you've forgotten your passcode to your iOS device, you can use this function to temporarily unlock it.  Note that this will also reset your credit cards in Apple Wallet / Apple Pay and other passwords on your device
  4. Lock: This will remotely lock your iOS device
  5. Reset Secure Apps Passcode: This feature is not used at Partners



Availability of features is dependent on the OS

Google has placed restrictions on all MDM/EMM vendors and removed the ability remotely unlock or wipe devices.  Please see the table below for more information





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