HOWTO: Place an Order with PHS Ergonomics (EGI)

What is PHS Ergonomics? 

Through the PHS-EGI (Ergonomic Group), Partners employees can order computers, hardware and software through a website,  

You must have an account to purchase online from the PHS-EGI (Ergonomic Group) website; the General Login will not allow you to purchase. 

Researchers can be granted a login without training by sending a request and Partners username to Michelle Tentindo at

Visit the Ergonomics Online Ordering Resource Center, for training materials and helpful information related to the Ergonomics (EGI) website.

Who are my department purchasers? If you are looking for a purchaser in your department, view your department's purchasing list:
Other Institutions & Affiliates 

If your dept is not listed at one of the links above, contact Ergonomics:

How do I become a purchaser? Training is required to become a purchaser for your department. Information Systems Training offers live, online training courses. Please view the course descriptions and schedule of upcoming classes for registration information on the Ergonomics Online Ordering Resource Center

If you are a purchaser, login to the PHS-EGI (Ergonomic Group) website and search for the product you wish to purchase under the “Online Catalog," and visit the Ergonomics Online Ordering Resource Center for more information.

Note: If you are placing an order on behalf of someone else, be sure to include the name and email address for each individual in the notes section of the order.  

IS Service Desk Support: