HOWTO: Unenroll from MobileIron for Android

Corporate Phones: All corporate phones must be enrolled in MobileIron by policy. Users with corporate phones requesting un-enrollment should have a ticket escalated to the appropriate Site Security officer team for approval.


To un-enroll your Android device from MobileIron:

Method 1 (Recommended):

Use the Self Service Portal to Retire the device. Refer to INFO: Self Service Portal for MobileIron

Method 2:

Google Devices: Settings > Accounts > Remove Work Profile

Samsung Devices running Android Nougat: Settings > Cloud and Accounts > Accounts > Work Profile > Uninstall Work Profile

Samsung Devices running Android Oreo and Samsung Experience 9.0: Workspace > ⋮ > Workspace Settings > Uninstall

Samsung Devices running Android Pie and Samsung One UI: Settings > Workspace > Uninstall Work Profile



Please contact the Service Desk to have a ticket escalated to the enterprise mobility management (emm) - phs assignment group requesting that your phone be Retired

The Partners EMM team will issue a command from the MobileIron console that will remove only the Partners related apps and configurations from your device.

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