INFO: MobileIron: What Is MobileIron Tunnel and Why do I Want It?


What is it?

Available for iOS Only, MobileIron Tunnel is a product from our EMM Provider, MobileIron than enables Partners to offer seamless and secured access to resources on the Partners network from your Mobile phone or tablet.  Tunnel represents a more secure configuration than we have today while improving on the user experience.


Why do I want it?

Once Tunnel has been activated – a process you will need to do only once per device – it will automatically start a VPN session whenever you are trying to access internal Partners resources.  Tunnel will allow you to securely access internal websites such as, etc all without using an RSA Token.   Any * URL you type in Safari will automatically establish a secure VPN session back into Partners without any input from you.


How do I get it?

Tunnel is part of the core features being offered through MobileIron and EMM.  As such, the Tunnel app is required to be present on your device.  Once you enroll your device into MobileIron, you will be prompted to install Tunnel.  Note that you must be enrolled into MobileIron in order to use Tunnel as the certificates and configurations are only available to enrolled devices.


How do I use it?

Tunnel will start automatically when it is needed


What else uses Tunnel?

Tunnel also allows us to encapsulate the network traffic of Enterprise apps to enable a "per-app" VPN session.  Apps such as Epic Haiku and Canto are among the first to leverage Tunnel to ensure that all data to and from a Mobile device and Epic is routed through the Tunnel.  Other apps currently under development may also leverage tunnel.


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