Ivanti Go Enrollment for iOS

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  • Device must be running on a supported software version: iOS 14 or above | Check the Device Compliance Requirements
  • Non-corporate personal iOS device
    • For a corporate-purchased device, refer to KB0033865 instead.  
  • You must use Safari to enroll your device. Chrome, Firefox, or any other 3rd party browser will not work.

Before You Begin

Check for and remove any pre-existing Mass General Brigham mail configurations. If you had previously added your corporate email on your device, remove it before installing Ivanti Go.

Previous MGB mail configurations must be removed before you can start the enrollment process documented below.

  • The Ivanti Go configuration called “PARTNERS (OAUTH)” cannot be removed manually.
  • You do not need to remove any personal accounts (Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc)
  • You will be prompt to update lockscreen passcode every year. 
How to Check & Remove Pre-Existing Email Account
  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Next step will depend on your device's iOS version:
iOS 14 or later  iOS 12 & 13

Tap Mail > Accounts

Tap Passwords & Accounts

  1. Select the pre-existing MGB email configuration (it may read Exchange or Partners)
  2. Tap Delete Account. A confirmation message will display.
  3. Tap Delete from My iPhone.

Step 1.  Use Safari to Download the Ivanti Go Configuration

  1. Open your Safari browser
  2. In the address bar, type http://enroll.partners.org  —  or  tap here

  1. On the first page for "Username", enter your Primary MGB Email Address
  2. Tap Next.
  3. You will be redirected to the sign-in screen:
    • Enter your MGB network credentials (User ID and Password)
    • Tap Sign In

Your sign-in request will process, if successful, Okta will complete the authentication.

If your device is not connected to a secure MGB WIFI network (i.e. PHSWIFI3), you will need to verify your identity via SMS or Phone:

  1. After you sign-in, you will be redirected to the Okta authentication screen. Tap Send Code.


The button will then read "Sent".

  1. Tap on the empty space within the box and enter your code
  2. Tap Verify

  1. When prompted: "This website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?"  Tap Allow.


  1. When notified: "Profile Downloaded. Review the profile in Settings app if you want to install it." Tap Close.


Step 2.  Install & Enable Ivanti Go Remote Management from Settings

On your iOS device, return to the home screen (if needed):

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. This step will depend on your device's iOS version:
iOS 15 or later  iOS 14

Tap General > VPN & Device Management

Select the Pofile in the Mobile Device Management Section

(Below the VPN section)

  1. Tap Profile Downloaded

  1. Tap Install
  2. Enter your device's passcode
  3. Once again, tap Install
  4. For the Remote Management prompt, tap Trust then Done.

Step 3. Install Ivanti Go Apps

You will be prompted to install Ivanti Go and Tunnel. These apps are required for proper configuration of your device and are Mass General Brigham managed apps. Your App Store or iTunes password will not be required.

Step 4. Re-Enter Network Credentials to Setup Email

To complete the Ivanti Go enrollment process, you will need to re-enter your MGB network credentials one last time in Mail Settings.

  1. When prompted: "Enter the Password for the Exchange account <@PARTNERS.ORG>", tap Edit Settings.  Prompt may appear during or after Step 3.

You should be re-directed to the Mail screen in your Settings app.

Accidently tapped "Cancel"? No problem!

  1. Go to your Home Screen
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Next step will depend on your device's iOS version:
iOS 14 or later  iOS 12 & 13

Tap Mail > Accounts

Tap Passwords & Accounts

  1. Select PARTNERS (OAUTH)


  1. Tap Re-Enter Password


  1. Enter your MGB Network Credentials (User ID and Password)
    (If prompted regarding logging into Office 365 or Apple Internet accounts prior to the OKTA page loading, that's normal.)


After completing the Ivanti Go enrollment process, your MGB network email will automatically configure with the native iOS mail app (supplied by Apple).

Apple Mail is the best and most consistent functional iOS app for MGB email on O365.


Congratulations! You have completed the iOS Ivanti Go enrollment process!


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