Corporate iOS Mobile Device Setup

  • All Apple devices purchased with corporate funds through AT&T, Verizon, or Apple come with MobileIron pre-installed.
  • Use this guide to setup your iOS corporate phone either for the first time or after resetting your phone.
  • You will be prompt to update lockscreen passcode every year. 
  1. Power your device on and complete the Apple iOS initial setup as normal, but with the following qualifications:
    • When prompted to use another device to do Quick Start, instead tap Set Up Manually
    • When prompted to choose how you want to transfer apps and data to the device, instead select Don't Transfer Apps and Data
    • When prompted regarding Remote Management, verify that the entity listed as automatically configuring your device is MGB.
  2. Sign into Remote Management with your Mass General Brigham primary email address and network password.

  1. Your iOS device will will be enrolled into MobileIron and the following apps will automatically install:
    • PARTNERS (OAUTH) Email Configuration
    • MobileIron Go
    • Tunnel
    • App Catalog
  2. While your apps install, you will be prompted to enter the password for Exchange (email). Setup your email to complete the enrollment:

    1. When prompted, select Settings
    2. Enter your Mass General Brigham password
    3. Wait 5-10 minutes
    4. Open up the Mail app to refresh.                

[Alternative] Email Setup:

    1. Open the Settings app from your iOS home screen
    2. Scroll through settings and (depending on your iOS version):
      • Select Passwords & Accounts
      • Select Mail > Select Accounts (iOS version 14)
    3. Select Partners (OAUTH)
    4. Select Re-enter Password
    5. Enter your Mass General Brigham password
    6. Wait 5-10 minutes, then open up the Mail app to refresh.
Go to KB0033865 in the IS Service Desk