LRS Secure Printing for macOS

Note: Secure Printing is only available for select locations currently such as Assembly Row, pilot areas of BWH and Home Base.


Part 1. Download LRS Secure Printing App

  1. On your Mac, go to your Applications folder
  2. Open Self Service and log in with your MGB network credentials (username and password)

  1. Click on Printers in the left column


  1. Under LRS Secure Badge Printing, click Install (or Re-install)
  2. To verify that it's worked, you can open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and look for "LRS Secure Badge Printing"

Part 2. Verify the Local User Account is your MGB Username

Your local user account is what you log in with on your Mac. If it's been a while, you can check your local user by clicking on Go, then Home.


A new window will open, showing you the name of your User account.

If your Mac's local user account is the same as your Mass General Brigham username, then you are ready to Print! If it isn't DO NOT CHANGE IT. See below on how to create a new user account.

Part 3. Print & Pick up your document(s)

  1. On your Mac, print as you normally would but select LRS Secure Badge Printing

  1. Head to any multifunctional device
  2. Tap your ID badge on the Badge Reader 
  3. On the display screen, tap Secure Delivery

Note: If prompted to enroll, enter your user name and password to continue.

  1. Items you’ve sent to the printer will appear on the display screen. Print one item or print all.
    • You can also delete items you no longer wish to print.
    • When finished, be sure to sign out. Tap your Badge (or tap Exit > Logout on the MFD display)

Creating a New User Account

If your user account is not your Mass General Brigham username, you will need to create a new user account. Simply changing the name of your existing account will not work, and could damage the Mac OS.

1. Go to System Preferences> Users & Accounts then unlock in the bottom left corner as necessary


2. Click the + in the lower left corner, right above the lock. 

  1. Under New Account change the drop down to Administrator
    • Full Name must be your Mass General Brigham Username
    • Account Name must be your Mass General Brigham Username
    • Password can be any secure password- 8 characters, Capital and lower case letters, at least 1 number, and a special character (@, #, $, etc.)

Note: This new user account will not have any of your old data, and it will need to be transferred.

  1. When you log into this new account, your print options will be available.

For Users who installed SecurePrint prior to April of 2022

Due to a recent update, you may need to reinstall the LRS Secure Badge Printer. To do this Open Self Service, click LRS Secure Badge Printing, then click the Reinstall button. This will remove the old printer and install the new one. If you attempted to print using the old SecurePrint system, you will need to re-print the job using the newly mapped printer.

Go to KB0036660 in the IS Service Desk