About Dropbox Business at Mass General Brigham


Dropbox Business provides cloud-based storage that is fully encrypted data and is compliant with Mass General Brigham's policies and procedures. Dropbox Business allows you to sync, share, and manage your files online.

  • If you have a personal Dropbox account that contains Mass General Brigham information, you must move the data to a Dropbox Business account with Mass General Brigham.

Please contact the Digital Service Desk to request a new Dropbox Business account and for support. 

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Data Storage

Dropbox Business is approved for Institutional and Confidential data, including Protected Health Information (PHI), but may not meet all regulations governing data protected under specific contracts and federal regulations such as FISMA. Please see the Quick Reference Guide and EISS 8c.1: IT Asset Management Standards for Data Classification for more information. Contact your Information Security Officer for help determining the appropriate solution for your data requirements.

Syncplicity online storage will continue to be available for use cases that must meet regulatory requirements under specific contracts and federal regulations such as FISMA.


  • Your account can be accessed both on and outside of the Mass General Brigham computer network. 
  • You can have both your Dropbox Business and Personal accounts on the same device. Learn how to Connect your Dropbox accounts
  • Dropbox Business works on PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

Storage Limit

Dropbox Business offers 1 TB per user of storage.


Your institution has agreed to pay through direct allocation based on usage. If you paid Dropbox for an active subscription, Dropbox will refund a prorated amount to your original purchase method for time remaining on your subscription. 


Data stored in the Dropbox Business cloud is AES-256 encrypted and meets Mass General Brigham security standards. Documents on your computer are only encrypted at rest if your computer's hard drive is encrypted. Dropbox is not FIPS 140-2 compliant.   


When you delete a file from your Dropbox it is removed from your visible folder structure (the folders you see in your Dropbox). However, the file is not yet permanently deleted.
Please note:

  • Permanent deletion of a file will not allow you, the IS Service Desk or Dropbox to restore these files at a later date.
  • Terminated employees will lose access to any data stored in Dropbox Business. When appropriate, the data is retrievable.   


Use your primary institutional email address to sign in. You will then be required to enter your Mass General Brigham user name and password. 

How do I access Dropbox Business on my mobile device?

  • Through your web browser at dropbox.com.
  • Through the Dropbox EMM app. Enrollment in Ivanti Go is required to obtain access.View instructions
    Once enrolled in Ivanti Go, you will be prompted to install the Dropbox EMM app.

Android: The Dropbox Business app is not yet available. Mass General Brigham Digital is actively working to make it available.

Do you have a Personal Dropbox account?

If you have a personal Dropbox account that does not contain Mass General Brigham information but uses an institutional email address (e.g. partners.org or mgh.harvard.edu), please change the email address on the Dropbox account to something personal (e.g. gmail, yahoo, iCloud).

If you have a personal Dropbox account that you wish to convert to Dropbox Business, verify that your current personal Dropbox account uses your primary institutional email address.

What is my primary institutional email address? 

  1. Go to http://helpdeskqueries.partners.org/userinfo/def1.html
    1. Scroll down, your primary email address is contained in the External Email Address field
    2. If your Dropbox account uses a different email address, change it to your primary email address
  2. Go to https://www.dropbox.com/account
    1. Click on Change email
    2. Enter your new email address and current Dropbox password
    3. Verify your new email address


Go to KB0027736 in the IS Service Desk