What is it?
Syncplicity is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and secure file storage and sharing service. Syncplicity is very similar to Dropbox and can:
Synchronize files across some or all of your personal devices (computers, smart phones and tablets)
Share files with collaborators outside of Mass General Brigham

Syncplicity is designed to work with the devices you have, such as Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This enterprise-grade file sharing and mobile collaboration solution that is backed by EMC, a global leader in cloud, big data and trusted IT.

Why do I need it?
Syncplicity is a secure and automatic file synchronization, access and sharing service available for external collaboration at Mass General Brigham and affiliate institutions.

Dropbox Business is now an approved storage and collaboration solution for business purposes. There is no direct cost to individuals or departments because institutions pay by allocation based on usage. For Dropbox Business account, please contact the Digital Service Desk.

Syncplicity will continue to be offered for use cases that must meet regulatory requirements under specific contracts and federal regulations such as FISMA.

Additional tools that are also approved for file share and collaboration include internal network storage options like Shared File Areas (SFAs) and Research Interactive Storage (RFA), large file transfer to internal and external collaborators through Secure File Transfer, and email encryption with Send Secure. Please visit the Quick Reference Guide and Appendix A of EISS 8c.1: IT Asset Management Standards for Data Classification for a more extensive list of solutions and data classifications. If after reviewing this document you have questions regarding what option fits your data access, transmission and storage needs, email rcc@partners.org or riso@partners.org for consultation.

How much does it cost?
A new license costs $50 per user. 

What is included in the license?
Each license comes with unlimited storage hosted in EMCs datacenter.

How do I purchase a license?

Syncplicity is available via the Ergonomics Website. Visit our KnowledgeBase for instructions on How to place an order in PHS Ergonomics (EGI). Note: If you are placing an order on behalf another user or group of users, be sure to include the name and email address for each individual in the notes section of the order.

The SKU for Syncplicity is: SYN-100GB-LIC

PHS Syncplicity License with unlimited storage (Note - requires up to 3-5 business days to be provisioned within PHS after order is placed)

After your order is approved, the Digital Service Desk (aka Help Desk) will provision you on the Syncplicity portal and notify you via a Welcome Email. 

What do I do once my account is created?
The Welcome Email will confirm an account has been created for you and direct you to login to https://partners.syncplicity.com with the Primary Institutional email address listed in the request. Once you are logged in, select Install to download the Syncplicity client to your device. Repeat this step from each device you wish to access the synchronized files and folders from.

To get started with your Syncplicity account, visit the Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions and screenshots on topics such as:

Best Practices for Setting up Syncplicity for Sharing Folders with Collaborators

How to Install Syncplicity on your Mac

How to Install Syncplicity on iOS Devices

How to Install Syncplicity on Windows 7, 8 and Surface Pro

How to Share a File with Syncplicity on iOS

How to Share a Folder with Syncplicity on iOS

How to Share a File on Syncplicity for Mac OS X, Windows 7/8 and Surface Pro

How to Share a Folder in Syncplicity for your Mac, Windows 7/8 or Surface Pro

How to Rename or Remove a device from your Syncplicity Account

Visit https://syncplicity.zendesk.com for additional content.

How do I request support or report problem?
Contact the Mass General Brigham Digital Service Desk: https://www.partners.org/isservicedesk

Go to KB0019391 in the IS Service Desk