How to submit Jobs to ERISOne and ERISTwo via LSF

When submitting jobs on the Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters, all jobs on ERISOne and ERISTwo should be submitted through the LSF scheduler. This How-To will explain how to submit your job to the various queues of the scheduler.

Submitting A Job

To submit a job to a queue, use the bsub command. In this command, the LSF script and queue will also be specified.

For example, there is a test LSF script within the lsf folder of the hold folder. It we wanted to submit that script to the short queue we would type the command:

 bsub -q short < test.lsf

The -q indicator allows you to specify which queue you would like to send your job to. To learn more about the various queues, go to the Queue Selection section below.

Never forget to use the character "<" between bsub and your script file name in your command line.

To make sure that your job was successfully submitted, use the bjobs command. This command lists all current job. When using the bjobs command after submitting the test.lsf job above, you should get an output similar to this:

$ bjobs


600305  bmm78   PEND  short      eris1n3                 test       Jun  5 10:10


LSF Commands

Command Description 
bjobs List the current jobs, use option "-lp" to see the pending reasons
bhosts List the host and current workloads
lshosts List the host and their static resource information 
bhist Displays historical information about jobs
bpeek Displays the stdout and stderr output for an unfinished job
bqueues List information about the queues
brequeue Kills and requeue a job
bresume Resume a suspended job
bkill Kills a job

Queue Selection

The job schedule offers several job queues to which you can submit jobs. Each queue is optimized for different types of jobs, based on several attributes:

  • Run Time
  • Memory Requirement
  • Number of CPUs Used in Parallel

Available Queues on ERISTwo:

Queue Memory limits Max run time Job limit PEND limit
GPU - 4 days 100 200
Normal <32G 15 days 500 1000
Filemove - 5 days 100 200
Bigmem >32G 5 days 100 200
Interactive - 5 days 5 0


For more information about the ERISTwo, visit the ERISTwo Quick User Guide.


Available Queues on ERISOne:

Queue Default Mem Max Mem Min Runtime Max Runtime CPU
VSHORT 1 GB 4 GB - 15 min 1
SHORT 2 GB 4 GB 10 s 1 h 1
MEDIUM 2 GB 8 GB 1 min 24 hr  < 4
NORMAL 2 GB 8 GB 1 min 3 days < 6
LONG 2 GB 8 GB 1 min 1 week < 4
VLONG 2 GB 8 GB 1 min  4 weeks  < 4 
BIG 8 GB 498 GB 1 min  4 weeks  < 6
BIG-MULTI 8 GB 498 GB 1 min 4 weeks 4 - 12


Within your home folder, there are several LSF templates that you can base your script on. To reach this folder navigate to the following folder:

cd ~/lsf/templates/bsub/

When you list the contents of the bsub directory, you will see a set of examples for all the different queues.


User the cat or more command to see the contents of the files:

cat example_job.lsf

To use one of the templates, make a copy of the file for your own modifications.

Go to KB0028004 in the IS Service Desk