Ergonomics Online Ordering System

Not applicable to DFCI requisitioners.

The Ergonomics Online Ordering application is used to purchase non-Dell computer equipment.  This includes printers, scanners, headphones, USB flash drives and other computer peripherals.  It also includes purchasing GoToMyPC licenses.  


  • Non-Dell computer equipment can be purchased through the Ergonomic Group website.  You must be a trained Department Purchaser to place an order.
  • MGH, BWH and Mass General Brigham Enterprise Services departments should complete the Employee Computer Equipment Request to obtain equipment for new employees. Note: A Mass General Brigham Enterprise Services employee typically works in Digital, Finance or Human Resources.

Only trained purchasers can place orders on the Ergonomics portal. To become a trained Department Purchaser, please login as a student, go to catalog, and register for the MGBE Ergonomics Ordering course in HealthStream Learning Center




Guide: Ergonomics Online Ordering - Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

PowerPoint:  Webinar Slide Deck (PDF)


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