Ivanti Go Enrollment for Androids

Ivanti Go allows you to access various Mass General Brigham resources (e.g. email, Epic Haiku/Canto, Dropbox Business, etc.) securely from your mobile device through a special configuration called Android Enterprise.


Step 1 – Installing Ivanti Go 

Note: You will be prompt to update lockscreen passcode every year. 

Google Play store instructions may vary depending on your device.

  1. Open your Play Store app
  2. Search for Ivanti Go  

  3. Tap Install
  4. Tap Accept to start the download and installation process. (This step does not apply to devices running on Android 13.)
  5. Tap on your Home button

Step 2 – Setting up Ivanti Go 

  1. Open Ivanti Go 
  2. Tap CONTINUE and then OK
  3. Tap ALLOW when you are prompted to give Ivanti Go access to “make and managed phone calls”.
  4. You will now be prompted to enter a username and password:

    1. Enter your Primary Mass General Brigham Email Address

    2. Tap Next
    3. You will be redirected to authenticate via two-factor authentication. On this page:

      1. Enter your Mass General Brigham Network ID (i.e. jha12)
      2. Enter your Mass General Brigham Password
      3. Tap Sign In

      4. If you are not connected to a Mass General Brigham network, you will see an "Authentication" screen:
        • Tap Send Code to receive your confirmation code through a text message (SMS)—or which ever preferred authentication method you have listed.

        • Enter the code you received and tap Verify.

Step 3 – Create Work Profile

  1. Tap CONTINUE to create the Work Profile

  2. Tap AGREE to the Terms and Conditions
  3. Tap NEXT to setup your Work Profile

  4. Tap OK and wait for Ivanti Go to finish creating your work profile.

  5. Tap FINISH to complete the configuration.

Step 4 – Download Android Enterprise Apps

  1. Request a check-in by tapping on the circular arrow (located at the top)

  2. Your device will start downloading Android Enterprise versions of your apps within 5-15 minutes. This timeframe may vary depending on the limitations of the network you are connected to and the type of device you are using.

  3. You can check on the status of your downloads by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Activate Tunnel (VPN) 

Ivanti Go Tunnel has an "always-on" VPN tunnel that routes traffic from the Mass General Brigham related "Work" apps through a VPN connection back into Mass General Brigham. Depending upon the version of Android you have, use the orange or blue badged version of Google Chrome to access internal websites at Mass General Brigham (such as SharePoint).

Note: Due to the architecture of Android, it may take between 15-30 minutes for your device to receive and process the necessary configuration files. This is a limitation of the Android operating system.

  1. Open the Tunnel app (Icon is different depending on OS version)

  2. Tap OK

  3. When Tunnel is activated, a small key icon will appear at the top of your phone screen.

Email and Calendar

Android Enterprise, through the enrollment of Ivanti Go, uses a special version of the Gmail app as the primary email client and Google Calendar as the primary calendaring client.

Note: Due to the architecture of Android, it may take between 15-30 minutes for your device to receive and process the necessary configuration files. This is a limitation of the Android operating system.

  1. Open the enterprise version of the Gmail app, which will appear with an orange or blue briefcase/badge icon. The specific color depends upon the version of Android you have.
  2. Enter your Mass General Brigham Password

  3. Tap Next
  4. When prompted, tap Update Now
  5. Tap Activate to allow the Gmail app to be a device administrator.

    • After your Gmail completes its configuration, the enterprise version of your Google Calendar and Contacts applications will automatically configure.

About the "Android Enterprise" configuration

Android Enterprise separates your personal life from your work life by creating a “Work Profile” on your device and installing Mass General Brigham enterprise apps in this profile. Only data in the “Work Profile” will be managed by your organization. Your personal data is kept separate and private.

Android Enterprise allows Mass General Brigham to leverage technologies that enable special “Work Badged” version of Google Play apps. 

Some examples of "enterprise" versioned Google Play apps provided through Ivanti Go include:

  • Gmail: Your Mass General Brigham email will be configured with the familiar Gmail app
  • Google Calendar: Your Mass General Brigham calendar will appear through the Google Calendar app
  • Ivanti Go Tunnel: An always on VPN Tunnel to allow you to connect to SharePoint, your Home Drive and other internal resources
  • Dropbox: A specialized version of Dropbox to provide access your Mass General Brigham Dropbox Business account

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