INFO: MobileIron: What is it and Why do I need it?

What is MobileIron?

MobileIron is software used by Mass General Brigham to provide easy access to corporate resources from mobile devices with the ability to manage those corporate applications and their data more securely. It provides many added productivity enhancements such as access to home drives, intranet sites, etc. without the need for a second factor of authentication. 

  • Provides secured access to corporate resources such as Email, Intranet websites, and Home Drive
  • Ensure mobile device compliance with various Mass General Brigham policies
  • Provides the ability to perform a "Enterprise Wipe" that removes only MobileIron managed applications and Mass General Brigham email
  • Enables Partners App Catalog to distribute Enterprise apps such as Citrix Receiver, Epic Haiku, Mojo, Dropbox Enterprise, etc


Why Do I Need It?

  • Starting on October 31, 2017, all mobile devices accessing Mass General Brigham email must be enrolled into MobileIron
  • Enterprise Apps such as Haiku, Dropbox Enterprise, Imprivata Cortext, and Mojo will only be made available through MobileIron
  • With MobileIron and iOS, you will be able to access your Home Drive and internal websites from your iPhone/iPad without using a separate VPN.  VPN access will be provided through MobileIron Tunnel
  • Epic Haiku Users will be required to enroll their devices in MobileIron in order to remain compliant with Mass General Brigham policies


How do I know if I'm already enrolled in MobileIron?

MobileIron users have the MobileIron Go app installed on their device.  


What is the App Catalog?

The App Catalog is an app that is automatically enabled with MobileIron.  It provides access to Mass General Brigham Applications such as Canto, Haiku, Dropbox Enterprise and Imprivita Cortext.  You must have existing permissions to use these applications to be able to access them via the app.  Additional applications will be added over time.  Please check back frequently to see what new applications may be available in the Partners App Catalog


What Mass General Brigham Can See and What Mass General Brigham Can't See

Mass General Brigham takes its responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously. You may be understandably concerned about the level of access and control that the company gains over your device when you enroll with MobileIron. We developed this document to address those concerns and provide information on the steps we take to ensure your privacy is protected:


What Mass General Brigham Can and Cannot See on your Device 


MobileIron Installation Instructions

If you have an active mailbox, please follow these instructions:

If you are an affiliate provider without an active email address please email for assistance.

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