HOWTO: Install Crowdstrike AV or Falcon Sensor


There are two versions of CrowdStrike:

  • CrowdStrike AV is an endpoint security solution that provides both AntiVirus and AntiMalware detection/prevention with an agent on computing devices.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor does not provide AntiVirus protection, but does include AntiMalware detection.

Mac Requirements

  • PEAS enrollment (
  • macOS 12 or above 

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Instructions for...


  1. Download the CrowdStrike Installer locally in the device where the agent will be installed.
  2. Right Click and select “Run as administrator”
  3. At the next screen, please enter the “Customer ID with Checksum” This ID is as associated to the Mass General Brigham site
    • Customer ID with Checksum is:
    • 856CE841CFA244D3AFC9C7C8961C4079-EC
  4. After the install, if you like to check if the service is running, select Task manager, then services
  5. You should see the service called “CSFalconService” running.

  6. Installation has been completed




Installation Instructions - CrowdStrike AV

1. Open Self Service, found in your Applications folder

2. Click Install on CrowdStrike AV

If you have TrendMicro installed, this will automatically remove Trend prior to installing CrowdStrike AV. It will not, however, uninstall other AntiVirus applications. If you have AntiVirus currently running on your Mac (ClamAV, AVG, Symantec, etc) please uninstall it prior to installing CrowdStrike AV to avoid any incompatibilities.

CrowdStrike AV runs silently in the background - no annoying pop-up windows!

In order to help you know if CrowdStrike is on your computer, and to provide a little information on it, we have added the PEAS Menu.

The PEAS Menu is designed to provide you with quick, relevant information regarding CrowdStrike- Sensor installation status, version, and whether CrowdStrike AV is installed or not. The PEAS Menu will be updated from time to time as relevant information becomes available.

CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor Installation Instructions


1. Open Self Service 

2. Click "Install" on the CrowdStrike Falcon sensor

3. If your device is a Corporate Purchased Mac, you may already have a Profile that approves Crowdstrike on your computer.

4. If not, you may receive a pop-up to approve a System Extension; to do this Click "Open Security Preferences"


5. The window will open to System Preferences- Security & Privacy. Click "Allow" to finish configuration.

To verify your installation

Open a Finder window, and navigate to Applications. Click on



Go to KB0034180 in the IS Service Desk