Intro to HMS Research Computing HPC / Orchestra

Intro to HMS Research Computing HPC / Orchestra

February 18, 2016 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
HMS Countway Library 403


Introduction to High Performance Computing and Orchestra provides beginners and intermediate users with basics of Linux/Unix user environment of high performance computing systems. In addition to the introductory review of Linux, the class will also emphasize common strategies and best practices in utilizing HPC resources at HMS, Orchestra supercomputer and high-capacity storage systems. This class will also provide hands-on session, and the audience will have a chance to log onto the system, check out its software stack and use the scheduler for job submission, etc. Laptops are encouraged.

The links below provide basic tutorial for Linux, which is the operating system of Orchestra cluster. The contents taught in the class is somewhat limited due to time constraint, so please take a look at these tutorials when you get a chance. Learning more about Linux will get you even further for your research on the HPC systems. Tutorial

Berkeley iSchool Unix Tutorial

Intro to HPC/Orchestra Spring 2016 Slides

Orchestra New User Guide


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