REDCap Getting Started Test a Project

Test a project

Enter test data using all fields in all instruments and all events to validate instruments and event definition, branching logic and calculated fields. Test data must include different cases that will allow testing all scenarios of branching logic, calculated fields and minimum/maximum ranges.

Review test data: open data entry forms, create reports, export data and send the blank CRF to all co-investigators for review.

Have a statistician review your database:


  • If possible, send the data dictionary of your database to the Statistician. This will clearly communicate any defined branching logic --- not communicated in the raw data file or meta-data formatting accessible through the "Data Export" application. This will also clearly communicate the formulas from calculated fields.
  • Send the blank CRF.
  • Have the Statistician perform a data export to ensure that they do not extract identifiers. They can give you feedback regarding the overall design of your database as well as the definition of each field. It is important to think through the planned statistical analysis before collecting any data. A statistician can make sure that you are collecting the fields you need, in the format you need them in, in order to perform the statistical analyses you need. 

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