Here is a list of REDCap & SPSS errors reported and resolved by our users.  Please use the comments section below to submit new errors.  If you have solutions, please help and post!

Error # 4135 in column 23. Text: -9
You must not specify the column location for variables read in FREE or LIST format.
Execution of this command stops.

This problem has to do with the way the variable was named created when exported. The hyphen in the variable name d_02___-9 is interpreted as a negative sign which makes SPSS interpret the –9 as a column number reference, not part of the variable name. The resolution is to change d_02___-9 in the DATA LIST command to d_02___neg9. For the syntax to work correctly, you will also need to change other references to d_02___-9 in the syntax file to d_02___neg9 as well.

If any of your checkbox response options are coded with a negative value (ex: -9) the above error will occur.

Go to KB0027961 in the IS Service Desk

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