REDCap Getting Started Making Changes in Production

Make Changes in Production

Changes to your project can be made using the Online Designer, Data Dictionary Upload, and Shared Library in DRAFT MODE.  Since your project is currently in PRODUCTION, non-critical changes will be effective immediately.  However, "CRITICAL" changes will not be effective immediately and will require REDCap Administrator review.  This is to ensure that data which has already been collected is not deleted, re-coded or overwritten unintentionally.

Please allow 2-5 business days for your "CRITICAL" changes to be reviewed and approved by a REDCap Admin.

See Article:  Production Change Request Guidance to see which changes will be flagged as critical.

To make changes to your projects once your study is in PRODUCTION:

1. Navigate to Project Setup page:

Project Setup on left and modify in draft mode at the bottom of screen

2. Modify your project in Draft Mode

Make updates with the tools used to create the project:

Online Designer - online method; make quick edits and updates
Data Dictionary Upload - offline method; add or modify a large number of fields
Shared Library - add standardized forms

3. Click Enter Draft Mode

4. Review Summary of Draft Changes

When you've completed your changes, click on view detailed summary of all drafted changes:

Review and confirm the number of fields to be added, deleted and modified.

5. Submit Changes for Review

When your changes are finalized, click Submit Changes for Review:

6. Click OK to finalize changes

Once you click OK, either your changes will be effective immediately OR an automated email will notify the REDCap Administrators that your changes are ready for review and approval.

7. Receive email notification

If your changes are CRITICAL, when your changes have been reviewed and approved, you'll receive an automated email message informing you that the changes to the project are live.

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