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Project Production Status (Collect & Review Data)

Once all development steps and testing are performed successfully, the project may be moved into production. Test data can and should be erased when moving the project into production mode.

Enter data 

Data Entry Overview: Video (16min)

• A unique key identifies every record: Study ID (aka Pat ID or Subject ID). This key identifier must be the first question on the first form (or survey) since REDCap uses this identifier as the key variable to link all forms/events for a particular subject uses it. If multiple sites are involved in a study, it is recommended to use conventions in order to group subjects by site.

• Data can be imported into REDCap from a CSV file, using the data import tool. REDCap generates a template with all columns. Data must be copied into this template; columns may be removed but the first column must always be kept (e.g. study_id). During data import, data can be added or modified but cannot be deleted.

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