REDCap: Repeating Forms and Events

REDCap v7.0+ - Repeating Forms and Events

Please note that, while having these new repeating instruments and repeating events is exciting and wonderful, there are some things that you might think that you can do with them which you cannot, at least yet:

  • You cannot schedule surveys that are in repeated instruments or repeated events to go out on a regular basis. You need to compose the survey invitation for each instance manually using either the compose invitations in the participant list or the option to send a survey invitation in the survey instance itself.
  • You cannot refer to a field in a repeated form or in a form in a repeated event by the instance number.
  • Survey Queues in repeating events only work on the first instance of the event.
  • While repeating instruments/events are fully supported when using Double Data Entry with regard to data entry workflow, please see the following notice for the Data Comparison Tool: “The Data Comparison Tool does not *fully* support the Repeating Instruments and Events feature, which appears to be enabled in this project. Data can be compared (and even merged if using Double Data Entry), but it will only allow comparison and merging of Instance #1 of a repeating instrument or repeating event. Thus all other repeating data will be ignored on this page. All non-repeating data can still be compared and merged.”

Additional Notes:

  • Be sure to contain branching logic and calculations to be within a form (if that form is repeating) or within an event (if that event is repeating). If your logic or calculation reaches across a repeating instrument or event, the logic will reference the most recent entered data.
  • Repeating feature is not yet compatible with the mobile app.
  • The Scheduling Module does not work with infinitely repeating events.
  • You can not use the variables in repeating instruments to set a custom record label.

If you have any questions, you can contact edcsupport.

Go to KB0031769 in the IS Service Desk

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