HOWTO: Display Paystubs in Mac OSX Safari 12 or later

Viewing pay stubs in Peoplesoft and Mac OSx High Sierra or later with Safari 12.


Author: Gary Quinton


EDIT 10/30/2019


The following procedure is no longer necessary if you update to Safari version 13 or later. Mac users running versions of macOS Mojave or macOS High Sierra can find Safari 13 available to download now from the Software Update section of System Preferences (Mojave), or the Updates section of the Mac App Store (High Sierra).




With the advent of Apple’s latest operating systems, and Safari version 12, new security procedures have been implemented by Apple that need to be changed in order to view your paystub in Peoplesoft.


After logging in to, open the Safari menu, and select “Settings for this Website”.



This will open a new menu under the address bar. Look for the Pop-Up Windows option, and select “Allow”. Now you can click anywhere on the page to close the menu.




Refresh the page by clicking on the circular arrow to the right of the address bar.




You are now able to open/view your paystubs.







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