HOWTO: Request Keygiving Training


Keygiving - PAS training is required to obtain access to the PAS system and become a Keygiver. This training is available as a self-paced course in HealthStream. Here’s how it works:


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Sign in to HealthStream. Go to:

Search for "MGBE PAS & Keygiving Training" in the course catalog.

the Course

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Once you find the course, click Enroll.

Complete the course and required knowledge check whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you!

Access to PAS


PAS access is granted weekly on Thursdays to those who complete the course before Wednesday at 11:59 pm. On Thursday afternoon, students will receive an email confirming their PAS access.

You'll also receive instructions for obtaining Keygiver rights to specific systems and SFAs.

If you have an open ticket for a new SFA, it will be updated to confirm you’ve completed training. As long as both Keygivers listed have PAS access, the SFA will be created. Upon setup, you’ll automatically be made a Keygiver.


  • If further assistance is needed, please contact the Service Desk.
  • Configuration Item: PAS (For ITIL Users)

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