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The REDCap Report (FY17)

REDCap Report FY17

Since REDCap’s first pilot project at Partners HealthCare in 2009, the program has now over 11,000 projects and steadily growing.

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Since REDCap’s first pilot project at Partners HealthCare in 2009, the program has now over 11,000 projects and steadily growing.

REDCap Total Projects


In the first FY2010 of REDCap support:      
  408 new projects created
  143 projects moved to prod

REDCap Projects by FY
PROD = Production; Active projects collecting data (not in development). 

In FY2017:
  2296 new projects created
  1229 projects moved to prod


Infrastructure hosting and support funded by ERIS

- MySQL database server       147.50 GB
- File Storage - "edocs"          443.90 GB

Institutional REDCap Projects


For total projects created by site: 50% MGH, 28% BWH
“Other” 6% sites include NWH, PCHI, MGH IHP


REDCap is not just for Research, although it is the best fit and highest use case (68%). It can be used for Quality Improvement projects, Operations Support, and any Partners HealthCare business or research related need.

Partners Site REDCap Usage


Of those projects using REDCap for human research studies, there are a total of:
2754 Partners IRB protocols.
The chart reflects the number of IRB protocols by year, derived from protocol number YYYYP. Some protocols do require multiple REDCap projects for data collection.

IRB Protocols
2017 projects will continue to be added through this year and next


REDCap’s user base is also growing steadily.  Total Number of REDCap User Accounts: 16,600+

REDCap Active Users

External Researcher Collaborator Stats:
# External Accounts: 3,682
# IRB Protocols:  357

Median # of users per project:
Data Entry: 5 users
Survey + Data Entry: 3 users

Average # of projects users access: 3.3

Average # Concurrent Users
Increased from 20 users in FY2010, to 200 users in FY2013 and 350 in FY2017.

REDCap Concurrent Users

Daily User Logins for REDCap has also steadily increased from FY2010.  REDCap is now accessed more than 2,750 times per business day.


REDCap End User Support consists of:
1  FTE: funded by the Harvard Catalyst | The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center
¼ FTE: funded by Partners HealthCare Enterprise Research Infrastructure and Services (ERIS)

Within the last few years, we’ve had a steady increase in REDCap requests. As REDCap increases in functionality, so does the complexity of the requests we receive. Response times on average are under our standard SLA of 1-2 business days, but as volume continues to increase, response times have also been increasing.

*1 – New ERIS EDCSupport Ticket System implemented
*2 – New Hire, Jeremy Alphonse, joined EDCSupport as the primary support person

edcsupport requests and response


FY2010, we averaged 8 new EDC requests per day. 
FY2013, the average increased to 22 new EDC requests per day.
FY2017, the average increased to 32 new EDC requests per day.

Total Requests

REDCap Projects

In addition to REDCap end user support, our team allocates another ¼ FTE effort to work on the following projects throughout the year:

REDCap eRegulatory Binder: The Electronic Regulatory Binder is a project within REDCap that was developed by Partners Human Research Quality Improvement (QI) Program and Enterprise Research Infrastructure & Services (ERIS). The Electronic Regulatory Binder can assist sites with the electronic storage and maintenance of regulatory documents for Partners IRB approved protocols.  There are 221 eReg Binder projects in use today. We’re planning improvements to the workflow in FY2018 Q2.

REDDI – REDCap Data Import: The intent of this initiative is to allow Users (typically Partners Researchers) who have access to RPDR or Epic EHR data to more easily import that data into their REDCap projects. There are 20 REDDI projects / 7 IRB protocols.

Partners Connected Health Innovation (CHI) Collaboration: Our teams are working together on two goals: 1) integrate REDCap and Epic’s EHR, and 2) integrate REDCap with more participant friendly interfaces and mobile apps.

REDCap eConsent, Certified Copies and REDCap Reporting are three projects in the works that we hope to report status updates and project timelines soon.

REDCap Support

New for FY2018: The EDC Support team has renamed ourselves from Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to Research Data Collection Services (DCS). However, we’ll maintain our email address. We renamed the team to be more inclusive of all the tools we support that are not specific to clinical EDC applications, mainly: LabArchives (electronic lab notebook) and Freezerworks (freezer / sample inventory).  All services supported:


   Update your REDCap Project’s page

View the REDCap Report FY17 PDF

The REDCap Report FY17

1.25 FTE to Support 11,000+ Projects and 16,000+ Active Users || 1-2 Business Days for most responses; 2-5 Days for some requests