Secure File Transfer and Collaboration



Partners Research Computing offers a Secure File Transfer & Collaboration solution for exchanging large files with collaborators both inside and outside of Partners via a web browser.  This service is a secure web based application with anti-virus detection built in.   All files added to the system are encrypted during transfer and are scanned for viruses.  Recipients receive an email with a link to download the files.

How to signup:

For Partners, Affiliate Hospitals or Department Email Addresses:

Go to https://transfer.partners.org, click on the I don't have an account yet line and follow the prompts.  You must use your partners.org or Affiliate Hospital email address. This system is NOT tied to your Partners password.

For External Collaborators:

You must be invited to use this system by anyone who has a Partners or  Affilate Hospital email address.


Core Features:

  • Send files up to 100 GB in size to your collaborators
  • 100 GB maxium storage per user
  • Compatible with Macintosh, Windows and Linux Web Browsers
  • All transfers are secured via 256 Bit SSL Encryption
  • All files are scanned with Anti-virus software that is updated daily
  • It is an HIPAA compliant system and is safe to use for sending ePHI data in a data file, not in the text of the message.

Secure File Transfer - The easiest way to send and receive large files

  • Send and receive large files to internal and external people (100 GB Limit per user)
  • Files are automatically removed from our system after 7 or 10 days depending their size
    • Files less than 1 GB will expire in 10 days and files larger than 1 GB will expire in 7 days.
  • For added security you can encrypt the filess) while it sits on our system (Java required and only works with secure file transfer)
  • You can send files to anyone
  • You can receive files from anyone as long as they are invited to use the system
  • You can request files from anyone, making it easier to get files from a collaborator
  • You can select a folder of files with one click and the system zips up that folder (Java Required)
  • When you send files you can be notified when they have been download
  • You can send files that can only be downloaded by the intended receiptent or you can click on the Non Confidential check box and the recipient will not need to authenticate to download the files

Workspaces feature will be decommissioned on 9/30/2014. There is an alternative solution, please visit http://rc.partners.org/syncplicity for more information.  

Secure Collaboration - Workspaces provide the ability to: review, comment, synchronize, upload, and download files, get real-time notifications and track file versions

  • Supported Mobile Apps - iPhone, iPad and Blackberry
  • Role-based access - Manager, Contributor, Uploader, and Viewer (see below for details)
  • Comments – Managers and Contributors in a workspace can create, view, and edit comments to improve enterprise collaboration.
  • Notifications –Workspace Managers and Contributors can be notified when other workspace members have added or commented on a file.  Users can subscribe to receive notifications for any of their workspaces.
  • Track File Versions – The latest version of a file appears in a workspace in order to ensure that stakeholders collaborate on the most current material.  Users can also view previous versions as needed.
    • There will be a maxium of 10 versions and the lifetime of a version is 30 days.
  • Search – Users can quickly find files or folders by searching from the top-level workspace or from within a specific workspace.
  • Storage Limit per Workspace - 25 GB but you can create multiple Workspaces.
  • File Recovery - If a file is deleted or expires you have 7 days to recover it.
  • Time Limit - Each Workspace can be available for up to 12 months

Workspace Roles:


  • Compatible Web Browsers: (Internet Explorer 7,8,9 Firefox 4 to 9, Safari 5.1 or greater, Chrome 17.x)
  • Latest version of Java client installed (required for larger than 2 GB file transfers)
  • Passwords: Minimum of eight characters and must contain both numbers and letters .  Passwords expire every 90 days.


  • Free




Q. Where is the server hosted and who manages this system.

A. The server is physically located within a Partners datacenter and is managed by Partners Research Computing which is part of Partners IS.

Q. Can I use this service to send HIPAA or ePHI data?

A. Yes, but  any information/text sent in the body of message is not encrypted. Only the file(s) are encrypted in transit. Please do not send any ePHI in the message. Keep all confidential data in the encrypted attachment.

Q. Is the data on this system backed up?

A. No

Q. Is the data I send via the Secure File Transfer Service secure?

A. Yes,  we use 256 Bit SSL Encrytion during the transportation the data to and from the server.  Also you can encrypt the data while it rests on our servers.  Our technical staff can not access or read the data you send.

Q. Is the site available for anyone to use?

A. No,  this system is for employees of Partners and Affiliate Hospitals.  Non-Partners employees can use the system only if they are invited to use it and can only send files to people who work at Partners and its Affilate Hospitals.

Q. If I am invited to use Secure File Transfer will my account be permanent ?

A. Yes, you password will expire every 90 days.

Q. Are there any limits in the types of files we can send via the Secure File Transfer Service

A. No, but this system is for work-related file transfers only, any misuse will result in account suspension.  Any copyrighted sofware, music, movies or other data can't be send via the Secure File Transfer Service unless you have permission to do so from the original content owner.

Q. When I send someone files do they get sent as an attachment in the email?

A. No,  the receipent gets an email with a link to download the file

Q. The original file I sent via Secure File Transfer got deleted, lost or corupted on my computer, can you recover the file for me?

A. No,  files are automatically deleted from the system after 7 or 10 days.  Also we never as access to the files you send. 

Q. Do you keeps logs of all the files sent via this system?

A. Yes

Q. When are you going to start syncing this system so it uses my Partners Password instead of making users create different password?

A. We are looking to integrating this system with the Partners Authenication system but we don't have a time frame when that functionally will be available.

Q. In a Workspace, I deleted a file by accident can I recover it?

A. Yes, you have 7 days to recover the file. Just go to the Workspace where the file was deleted and click on the Trash can icon located at the top right of screen next to the search field.  This will show any deleted files in gray that can be downloaded or recovered.





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