Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR)

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The Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR) is a centralized clinical data registry, or data warehouse. The RPDR gathers data from various hospital legacy systems and stores it in one place. Researchers access this data using the RPDR online Query Tool with user-defined queries of RPDR data for aggregate patient totals and, with proper IRB approval, obtain detailed clinical data. The RPDR brings clinical information to the researcher's fingertips and ensures the security of patient information by controlling and auditing the distribution of patient data within the guidelines of the IRB and with the use of several built-in, automated security measures.

The use of this application compares and contrasts with prior patient cohort search methodologies such as medical record review and the use of Information Systems requests. All of these methods ultimately return a set of patients that match certain criteria. They differ in that the RPDR allows the user to perform the search on-line in real time, resulting in faster turnaround and with extensive specificity of patient criteria. The alternatives leave the confidentiality of the Partners’ patient much more exposed, often returning entire medical records when only focused information is required.


Functions of the RPDR

The RPDR has two related but separate functions. First, an online Query Tool provides users with aggregate numbers of patients with user-defined characteristics such as diagnoses, procedures and/or laboratory results. Patient identifiers are not available at this function level. Secondly, the RPDR Data Acquisition Engine (DAE) allows the user to receive more detailed medical record information about the queried patients.

How to get started with the RPDR

In order to use the RPDR, a person must first become registered in the RPDR system. Registration is handled differently for faculty vs. non-faculty members.

  • A faculty member is defined as an attending physician or other research staff (such as a PhD or nurse researcher) who has a title of Instructor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Professor, or Lecturer at the Harvard Medical School (HMS). In addition, in order to become an RPDR user, the HMS user must be affiliated with a Partners institution. Faculty members can self-register to become a Faculty Sponsor in the RPDR.
  • A non-faculty member must be registered by their Faculty Sponsors. There is no exception to this rule. The Faculty Sponsor can add non-faculty members into their RPDR work groups.

If you are a faculty member, you can self-register to become a Faculty Sponsor in the RPDR:

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