Scientific Computing Linux Clusters User Group Request

User groups are used on the Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters to control who has access to lab/group storage and adopt-a-node compute resources. They also facilitate collaboration between team members by allowing files to be shared within the group. All new groups must be created through the Partners PAS system - this allows you to add and remove group members yourself.  Cluster groups created prior to Feb. 2018 are "cluster local groups". Use this form to request membership changes to cluster local groups

Do not fill this form if you need Briefcase storage only!

If you would like to request a SciC Linux Clusters BriefCASE group storage folder for SciC Linux Clusters first request a PAS group, then visit to request the storage folder, supplying the name of your new PAS group. Please do not fill this form if you are just requesting storage.

For PAS Group Collaboration for Adopted nodes

  • If you are requesting a PAS group for collaboration or to control access to Adopt-a-Node resources, request a PAS group, and let us know the name of the group by completing the form below.
  • To request changes to existing cluster local groups, complete the form below.

A Mass General Brigham user ID and password is required to login to this page and access the form.

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