PAS groups to control access to your Scientific Computing Linux Clusters storage or nodes

Partners Authentication System (PAS) groups allow the data owner / lab manager to control who has access to their storage or Adopt-a-Node resource on the Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters.  To administer PAS groups you must have taken the "Keygiver" training.  PAS group support was introduced in 2018; SciC Linux Clusters groups created earlier than this are legacy "local groups" which can be transitioned to PAS groups on request (email

Prerequisite Training

Obtaining a PAS group

  • After completion of your training you can setup the group through the Service Desk ( First "Make a Request" using request type "galen global group (request)" or submit a generic ticket ("Open a Ticket") with the information below
    • In the GROUP NAME entry, replace INST with your institution code (e.g. MGH or BWH) and PROJECT with a short name for your lab or project.  

Description: We need a PAS group to work on the SciC Linux Clusters.
CI: HPC SciC Linux Clusters
PRIMARY KEYGIVER: Full Name - PartnersID
DESCRIPTION: Group to administer access to shared space for INST-PROJECT on the SciC Linux Clusters.

Making a request for Storage

After your PAS group is created, visit and sign up for "SciC Linux Clusters BriefCASE" storage, providing the PAS group name in the request form.

Go to KB0034051 in the IS Service Desk