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Request or Renew SAS

Education Analytical Suite Version 9.4 Partners SAS Licenses

SAS is available for researchers to purchase from the Research Computing Core at the cost of $300.00 per license annually.  Licenses are good until summer, 2019.  Purchases are prorated beginning in November of the license year, but requires a commitment to also purchase for the next license year.

The Research Computing Core offers three options for running SAS:

1. SAS on Citrix at workspace.partners.org.  This option does not require VPN, just an Internet connection. You can run SAS on Citrix from any PC or Mac. Your network drives (cifs, sfa) are available.

2. SAS Server.  This option requires VPN and the use of a remote desktop client.  Regarding the remote desktop client, instructions are sent and set-up is easy.  You can run SAS Server from any PC or Mac. Your network drives (cifs, sfa) are available.

3. SAS Desktop install.  SAS will be available only from the PC it's installed on.  After installation, SAS does not need a network connection.

If you haven't done so already, login to the website and return to this page to view, complete and submit your SAS request/renewal. 

If you have questions before completing the form below, send them to rcc@partners.org.

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