HOWTO: Download, Install and Log in to Imprivata Cortext - Android

Download and Install

Imprivata Cortext is available from the App Catalog once you have installed MobileIron. See HOWTO: Enroll into MobileIron for Android 4.1+

1. Locate your “App Catalog” with the Partners logo on your Android device

2. Select Cortext from the list of apps

3. Tap Install

4. The Cortext app will now install on your phone.

5. Once installed, tap the Open icon to launch the app.

6. When prompted, select Sign In

7. Your username is a combination of your Partners network username with “” added.  Enter this in the username field.

For example, if your Partners network username is “jd34”  enter:

8. Enter your current Partners network password in the password field.

9. Tap “Sign In”

Congratulations!  You are now send and receive messages through the Cortext on your Android device.  Please refer to our additional education materials on how to use the application





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