INFO: Applications Available through Workspace

Please see the list below for applications available through Workspace. 


The Remote Applications are available when off the network.

The VPN Required Applications require the computer to be connected to VPN

Note: Functionality can vary when on non-Partners devices. 


Remote Applications VPN Required Applications
1RDP  4Next Administrator
3M Coding-SRH     4Next Transition Of Care  
8A eval ReportDesigner  ABBOTT Precision Web   
8B beta  Ac Web Query 
ACS Admin Module-BWH    Act MD 
ACS Registry-BWH     Advisory Management
ACS Report Writer-BWH   AJH Meditech 
AcuityPlus-BWH-BWF   Alert Watch - MGH  
AcuityPlus-BWH-BWF-DR   Alerts Tracker-WDH 
AcuityPlus-HIST-BWF  Allergy ManagerPear
AcuityPlus-HIST-BWH  Allscripts EMR-WDH 
AcuityPlus-HIST-NSMC    Anesthesia MyMD-MGH
AcuityPlus-HIST-NWH  AppForms-WDH 
AcuityPlus-HIST-SRN  Application Checker Tool  
AcuityPlus-MGH-CDH-MEE     Application Questionnaire Admin Console  
AcuityPlus-MGH-CDH-MEE-DR  Application Questionnaire Admin Dashboard   
AcuityPlus-NSM-NWH-SRN     Approvers 
AcuityPlus-NSM-NWH-SRN-DR  Aqure-WDH 
AD Administrative Tools    Archer 
Adobe InDesign CC 2018-WDH    ArPHS Room Reservation Tool  
Adobe Reader DC   ArtSite64 AEX
Adobe Reader   Ask myHR  
Agfa IMPAX     AT&T Directory Assistance    
AirView-WDH    Atrius Portal-BH
Allscripts-BWPO   Baxter LV Gateway Portal-BWFH   
Ambulatory Patient Tracking System-MGH Baxter LV Gateway Portal-BWH    
Apollo Citrix-MGH    Baxter LV Gateway Portal-DFCI   
Apollo Citrix-MGH-QA    Beacon-WDH
Apollo Citrix-MGH-Test  BH EMS Workspace Res System  
Apollo-Danvers ACC   BH Faxom Job Tracking  
ApolloLX Citrix-MGH     BH Omni EMM  
Apollo-NWH  BHIS Portal  
Apollo-Salem   Bics Ado Print Admin   
Apollo-Union   Bima Patient Education 
Application Reach    Biomed Site  
AQI TERASVR1 Bill Test  Biomedical Engineering Websites at BWH and MGH 
AQI TERASVR1   Biothreat Training Portal-MGH   
AQI TERASVR3   Birth Certificate-WDH  
AQI TERASVR5   Birth Registry - NWH   
AQI TERASVR6   Bmuseweb  
AQI TERASVR7   Board Papers-WDH
AQI TERASVR8   BoneStation  
AquariusNET Thin Client TERASVR1   Brigham at Its Best-FixIt    
AquariusNET Thin Client TERASVR3   Brigham Health Platelet   
AquariusNet Thin Client TERASVR5   Brigham Health Tableau Bridge   
AquariusNet Thin Client TERASVR6   Brightwork Project Mgmt-WDH  
AquariusNet Thin Client TERASVR7   BrigMed Portal  
AquariusNet Thin Client TERASVR8   BWFH HIS Faxcom - PHS  
Archer Policy Central   BWFH Policies and Procedures    
Aria15-Prod Data Administration  BWFHconnect  
Aria15-Prod    BWH ARTSite Embryology Extension   
Articulate 360    BWH Bloodbank Ace Project Server   
Articulate Storyline 360   BWH Cath Lab TVT Database    
ARTSite64 Goto    BWH Crisis Resource Manual - CRM   
ARTSite64 QBR AEX    BWH Css Web  
ARTSite64 QBR  BWH Development Intranet  
ARTSite64 Viewer AEX    BWH Digital Signage
ARTSite64 Viewer     BWH Dom Intranet
Astroid  BWH DOM Intranet
AthenaNet-WDH  BWH EHS Compliance Tracking  
AW MEEI  BWH Employee Service Awards  
Aware Manager  BWH General Surgery Portal   
Balance Scorecard    BWH Icp   
BedMaster-MGH  BWH Inpatient Pharmacy 
BH OneStaff Legacy   BWH Kaypentax Endoportal  
BH OneStaff    BWH lab Crystal report 
BICS QA  BWH Lab Handbook
BICS  BWH Life Image  
Biobank Portal    BWH Managed Care Plan Reports   
Biomerieux BCI-BH    BWH Media Lab
BioRad Unity Realtime-NSMC    BWH Medical Imaging It Intranet    
BioRad Unity Realtime-NSMC-QA   BWH Medical Library
Biotherapy     BWH Msds Material Safety Data Sheets  
Black Diamond Video BDV    BWH MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets  
Blood Bank Consults-BWH    BWH MSO Credentialing  
BPA   BWH Nicu Intranet  
BrainLab    BWH Nursing Staffing Office  
Breeze-MGH  BWH Patient Care Services References  
Breeze-NSMC    BWH Patient Education  
BWH Anes QPath    BWH Pharmacy Information Resources 
BWH Historical Order and eMAR Viewer  BWH Pharmacy Information Resources 
BWH Instrument Manager     BWH Physician Directory   
BWH MSO Queries & Reports  BWH PikeNotes
BWH OneStaff-Test    BWH Policies and Procedures  
BWH OR Nurse Scheduling    BWH Radiology ERAS Program   
BWH Parking DB    BWH RealTime Location System    
BWH Security DB   BWH Rees Web 
BWH3M BWH Resource Scheduler 
BWH3MIF  BWH Security Ip Video Cameras   
BWH-IDX  BWH Ssrs Report 
BWPO POLR Error   BWH Tefra Reporting
BWPO POLR   BWH Theradoc 
BWPO-IDX Web   BWH Topcon Synergy 
Cache Tools    BWHC Brain
Cadwell ARC-WDH   BWHc Reporting Tool
Calabrio-PHS   Bwpo MGPO Issue Tracking SystemJira   
Calc No SR     BWPO Radiology Quality Dashboard   
Campsite-WDH   Cache Fax Monitor  
Cancer Registry - Metriq   CareNotes - DrugNotes  
Captiva AP All Completion  CARETRACKER  
Captiva AP All Completion–QA  CARMA - Child & Adolescent Resource Materials  
Captiva AP Error     CBORD NetUnitOrdering - MGH  
Captiva AP Error-QA  CBORD Room Service Admin-MGH    
Captiva AP Identification  CBORD Room Service Choice-MGH   
Captiva AP Identification-QA  CBORD Tray Monitor - MGH  
Captiva AP Problem Queue   CCMaster-WDH 
Captiva AP Problem Queue–QA   Cct 
Captiva AP Single Completion –QA   CDIC Clinical Follow Up   
Captiva AP Single Completion  CDIC ICD and PCI Registry Reporting   
Captiva Real Estate Error  Cdic Tvt Registry  
Captiva Real Estate Error-QA  Centricity ZFP-BWH 
Captiva Real Estate Identification    Cerner Pharmacy - MAK-WDH    
Captiva Real Estate Identification-QA    CernerCare - Cerner Customer Only Website-WDH  
Captiva Real Estate Invoice Problems  Cfdd OnLine Registration BWH    
Captiva Real Estate Invoice Problems-QA     Cisco Unified Cm2 User 
Captiva Real Estate Validation  CISCO VOICEMAIL BWH
Captiva Real Estate Validation-QA  Cisco Voicemail MGH
Captiva Real Estate Vendor Problem    Citrix App Layering – LAB    
Captiva Real Estate Vendor Problem-QA    Citrix App Layering – PEC NP Stage 
Captiva ScanPlus     Citrix App Layering – PHS Prod  
Captiva ScanPlus-QA  Citrix App Layering – VDI    
Captiva VoucherID Processing  Citrix Applications-CDH   
Captiva VoucherID Processing-QA    Clear Quote-WDH 
CaptivaAdministrator    Client Infrastructure Test Central 
CaptivaAdministrator-QA    Clinical Innovation Sandbox  
CBORD Food Service Suite-MGH  Cobius - BWH 
CBORD  – NWH   Cobius - Faulkner  
CDH ProVation  Cobius - MEE 
CDH Signet Rauland Responder  Cobius - MGH 
Cedaron CONNECT   Cobius - MGPO
CellaVision Sysmex-BWH-QA  Cobius - NCH 
Centricity Diagnostic PACS-BWH  Cobius - NSMC
Centricity RIS-IC - QA  Cobius - NWH 
Centricity RIS-IC    Cobius - SRH 
Centricity     Code Correct
CGI Portal     Code Help Utility - MGH   
CHA Portal-BWH    Coderyte TEST-WDH  
Checkpoint WebPortal    Coderyte-WDH 
CheckPoint     Cognos 10-WDH
CHIA SENDS  Community Resource Connector - CRC 
Chrome Whiteboard    Compensation Statement Reporting System CSRS
CICL STATA  Contact Center Agent Web - PHS  
Cisco Call Center Video Agent Supervisor v10 Contact Center Supervisor Reskilling tool   
Cisco Call Center Video Agent v10   Contact Center Supervisor Reskilling web tool  
Cisco Workload Optimization Manager CoralReef Web
Citrix Cloud Monitor    Cordata-WDH  
Citrix Director   Coris Reporting Home Page    
Citrix Studio     Corporate Provider Master    
Clickview-WDH  Cortext Admin-WDH  
Clinical System Audit   CoverMyMeds  
Clintegrity - CDI    Cpr+ SPECial Pharmacy BWH    
Clockwise-WDH  CRA RiskApps-PRD-NSMC  
Club Automation-WDH     Critical Radiology Results - ANCR  
ComPAS DFCI    Cyber Ark Weblink Access  
ComPAS Task Manager-BWH    DataArk - WDH
ComPAS-BWH     DataArk Invision-WDH   
CompuMax Suite - PHS    Dawn AC - MGH
Contact Center Reporting   Dcss Management 
CoPath Plus PHS   Defib Dashboard - MGH  
CoPath Plus PHS-QA   Dermatology Intranet - BWH   
CoPath Plus PHS-Test    Development Reporting PHS    
CORIS WebIntelligence ResearchReporting   DFBW Radiation Oncology   
Corporate Secretary     DFCCC Athena 
CPR+ Report New DB   DFCI CCure Web  
CPR+ Report    DFCI Clearview  
CPR+  DFCI Concord Fax
Crucial Accountability-WDH    DFCI CTRIO Workflows   
Crucial Conversations-WDH  DFCI Eceptionist
Dana-Farber Biotherapy Order Entry CBT DFCI eScription 
Dana-Farber Pathways    DFCI FaxWeb  
Dana-Farber Pathways-Test  DFCI Fusion  
Danvers Medical Oncology-MGH  DFCI InfoEd Live Report   
Danvers Radiation Oncology-MGH   DFCI InfoEd Microstrategy Reports  
Dataview RMS Client  DFCI InfoEd PARS Review   
DF-BW MIM Citrix     DFCI ISPP - Time Reporting   
DFCI CaTissue     DFCI Jaspersoft 
DFCI CCure  DFCI Lab Handbook  
DFCI Collection Manager    DFCI Lockbox 
DFCI CS3    DFCI Medgate 
DFCI GE-IDX Live     DFCI Medication Tracking  
DFCI GE-IDX Rev Ctrl Live  DFCI MicroStrategy Self Service    
DFCI GE-IDX TEST     DFCI MicroStrategy 
DFCI Hermes    DFCI Milford HealthStream    
DFCI IDX Archive     DFCI Milford Intranet  
DFCI Milford Impax   DFCI Online - Intranet 
DFCI Milford Kronos     DFCI Online Paging System    
DFCI Milford Meditech   DFCI Patient Navigator 
DFCI Milford OnBase     DFCI Patient Parking List    
DFCI OTTR   DFCI Pharmacy Department  
DFCI Pathways  DFCI Policies and Procedures    
DFCI Sunquest     DFCI Portfolio  
DFCI Video     DFCI QuickBase  
DFCI Vsee   DFCI Reporting Portal Home Page    
Docuanalyzer   DFCI Security ReportExec  
Document Direct   DFCI SECVMS  
DoseLab Pro    DFCI Stericycle Communications  
Dragon DMO-WDH    DFCI Steward Portal
Eaglesoft-MGH  DFCI Unity PeopleSoft  
EAP Premier-PHSTST   DFCI Versus Badge Utility    
Easy3-WDH   DFCI Y10 Rooming Tool  
Echostation    DFCI Y11 Rooming Tool  
Echostation-QA    DFCI Y5 Rooming Tool   
eControl-Test     DFCI Y6 Rooming Tool   
EDIS  DFCI Y7 Rooming Tool   
EDW Access 2007   DFCI Y8 Rooming Tool   
EDW Access 2007-QA   DFCI Y9 Rooming Tool   
EDW Atlas   DFHCC iRIS System  
EDW Business Objects    DFHCC Oncore Clinical Trial System 
EDW QlikView   DFHCC Oncore-QACT Event Monitor    
EDWSharepoint     Dom Caps  
EEG Easy3-NSMC    Dom Self Evaluation
endoPRO iQ-NSMC   Dw Document Manager Development PHS   
Epic Access Request Dashboard Dw Document Manager PHS   
Epic Concierge    EAP website  
Epic Putty     EDW IDEA  
Epic Read - Only SRO    Emergency Department Compensation Modeling System-MGH
Epic Search    Emerson Applications - MGH   
Epic Search-Test     EN_CLICK2COACH  
EPIC SUP    Encoder Pro Web 
Epic System Pulse    Encore Anywhere-WDH
EPIC TST TEMP  Enterprise Immunization Viewer  
EPIC WD EXPRESS Testing Epic Tip Sheets - DFCI 
Epic Web BCA Registration  EPSi Portal-WDH 
EPSi Clinical Analysis     Ergonomics
EPSi Clinical Analysis-WDH    eSign  
EPSi Data Loader     EtherCentral - MGH 
EPSi Data Loader-WDH    Evals  
EPSi EMDAdministrator   Excellence Every Day-MGH  
EPSi Enterprise Analyst    Expert Online Training-WDH   
EPSi Enterprise Analyst-WDH   Facilities Monitoring Backup    
EPSi PLA-WDH   Facilities Monitoring Main   
EPSi Product Line Analysis    Facilities Monitoring Station00    
EPSi Security  Facilities Monitoring Station02    
EPSi Security-WDH    Facilities Monitoring Station06    
ESA-RPHSchedule-WDH     Facilities Monitoring Station11    
ESA-TechSchedule-WDH    Facilities Monitoring Station24    
ESP   Facilities Monitoring Station26    
Evariant CRM - PRD   Facilities Monitoring Stationplt   
Evariant CRM - TST   Facts Faculty Db BWH Anesthesia    
Exchange Management Console   Facts Faculty Db BWH Cfdd    
External Livelink    Facts Faculty Db BWH Dermatology   
Faxcom Client - PHS     Facts Faculty Db BWH Emergency Medicine  
FHNURSCALL  Facts Faculty Db BWH Neurology  
Finance Security     Facts Faculty Db BWH Neurosurgery  
Fleetmatics-WDH   Facts Faculty Db BWH Obgyn   
Food Processor-BWH   Facts Faculty Db BWH Orthopedic    
Formulink-WDH  Facts Faculty Db BWH Pathology  
Freezerworks 2018    Facts Faculty Db BWH Psychiatry    
GE Web Viewer Inpatient-ICU-BWH  Facts Faculty Db BWH Radiation Oncology  
GE Web Viewer Periop Web Application-BWH  Facts Faculty Db BWH Radiology  
GeneInsight    Facts Faculty Db BWH Surgery    
GME Residency Management   Fall TIPS Audit Tool   
GrassTele - TWINN - 59  Falls Tips Survey - MGH   
GrassTele - TWINN - 60  Faulkner Meditech  
GrassTele - TWINN    Faxcom Job Tracking-PHS   
Greenway Archive Viewer-CDH   Faxcom Web - PHS
HCLL 2016 Production-BWH   Faxcom Web Test-PHS
HCLL 2016 QA-BWH     Feedback Monitor Reporting DFCI    
HCLL2018-MGH   Feedback Reporting MGH - Dev    
Health Physics Assistant-BWH  Fieldglass
HealthStream FAQ     Fluoroscopy Dose Tracking System Angio   
HealthStream-Chrome     Fluoroscopy Dose Tracking System Endo 
Healthstream-Internet Explorer   Forte Payments  
HealthTouch Dashboard BH   FOTO-WDH  
HealthTouch TEST Dashboard – BH  Fusion BWH
HealthTouch-NSMC     Genomic Testing Auth   
HealthTouch-WDH   GI Unit SharePoint - MGH  
HealthTouch-WDH-Test eCare    Glucofacts-WDH  
HealthTouch-WDH-Test    Harvest Online - PHS   
HemaConnect-MGH   Health Physics Assistant - WEB  
HIIQ-Union-NSMC   Healthstream-WDH
HIS Claimtrust Tracking    HealthTouch Dashboard-WDH    
HIS Extract Standalone     HealthTouch Dashboard-WDH-Test eCare  
HIS Tracking Data    HealthTouch Online-BWFH   
HIS Tracking Master  Herald - Clinical Alerting Tool    
HIS Tracking User    HI-IQ Hosted-NSMC  
HOMI-Prod-CDH  HiIq   
HP Sharepoint     Hill-Rom Reporting-WDH 
HSN SENDS   Home Drive - SFA Available Drive Space   
Human Resources and Benefits - Intranet     HP JetAdvantage Security Manager   
Huron NWH CDI Tool   Hub 
Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio Hyperion Planning Development   
Hyperion Planning-Ext   Hyperion Planning  
ICM MGPO    Hyperion Planning-Test 
ICM-MGPO    Image Express-WDH  
IDX 3M Config     Imprivata Cortext Web Portal    
IDX 3M Interface     Incident Reporting - McLean  
IDX 3M Setup   Infor Mingle - Lawson Portal-WDH   
IDX Web-McLean    Inforouter
ImageNow - SRH    Insight Research Portal   
iMedConsent-NWH   Interpreter Services Tracking - BWH   
Immerse-PRD    INTERP-Tracking System 
IMO Problem IT-WDH   Intranet - MVH  
iMotions Cloud    Investigational Drug System-BWH    
Imprivata Cortext Desktop Citrix    IP Portfolio PHS
Infoed - DFCI     Ip Portfolio Staging Server  
Inquiry Nuance-WDH   iRecall-WDH  
InSightive EULA   Irhythm Ziopatch Cardiac Monitor BWH  
InSightive Web    IS Administration Reporting Portal 
Intellicure-WDH   IS Career Conversation Console  
IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise-CDH    IS Communications  
IOM Database-MGH     Is Intranet Home Page  
IS Communication Tool   IS Reports Phc  
IS Reporting   ISC Film Order Web Site   
IT landing     ISuggest-MGH 
Ivanti Security Controls   Joint Commission Standards-SRH  
IVU-Atwood Webportal-CDH   Joint Commission-HOSP  
Keane-SRN   Kronos ESS-WDH  
Knowledge Source-WDH    Lawson Dashboard-WDH   
Kronos Training   Lawson GL Extract-WDH  
Kronos WFC Archive   Lawson LPMH - CAS-WDH  
Kronos   LDA User Documentation 
Kuiper-MDC     LexiComp-WDH 
Kuiper-NDC     LibreView-WDH
LabTracks   License Manager Pro-WDH   
Lafayette MH - NSMC  Life Image Cloud-WDH   
LAPS  Lifenet-WDH  
Launch PaD  Linen Helper-WDH
Launch PaD-Stage     Lippincott Procedures-NSMC   
LaunchPad Citrix     Livelink - LNH  
Lava  Livelink - Milford 
Learning Space-WDH   Livelink - South Shore 
LifeTrak 2013 Donor-BWH    Livelink - St Elizabeths  
LifeTrak 2013 Lab-BWH   Livelink  
LMR   Lmr Qa 
Login Lab Verification Tool   LMR Website  
Login Lab   Lodgenet - Sonifi-WDH  
LRS Admin Console Label Prod  LPS Tracking System-MGH   
LRS Admin Console Non Prod    Ludlum Web Viewer BWH  
LRS Admin Console Prod  Luminometer-WDH 
LRS Printer Definition and Deployment Tool     Lumos Sharepoint Online   
Lynx ECODE BWH    Managed Care Plan Management    
Lynx ECode-BWH-65    MassGeneral Hospital for Children Intranet  
Manage My Distribution List   MasterControl R-O  
Mars Medsys BWH   MatchMiner
Mars Medsys MGH   Mbook-MGH 
MasterControl  McLean BrainWaves  
MasterControl-Dev    MD LOG - SHC 
McKesson PACS - Radiology Lite Version-WDH   MDASSIGN - SHC  
McKesson PACS Cardiology Citrix-WDH Meal Tracker - SRB 
McLean Meditech   MedeAnalytics
MDaudit - BWH PROD   MediaLab – MGH  
MDaudit - BWH -QA    Medicare Supplier Directory  
MDaudit - DFCI - QA  Medications Consolidated View   
MDaudit - DFCI PROD  MedNet-WDH
MDaudit - MGH - QA   Mend-MGH  
MDaudit - MGH     MGH - Delineation of Privileges Intranet Site  
MDAudit Hospital-BWH    MGH Accessibility Resources  
MD-Staff EPriv    MGH Apollo
MD-Staff Virtual Committee    MGH Appointment Viewer 
MD-Staff    MGH Arts Inventory Database  
MDW Access 2007   MGH Beacon Admin
MEDHOST Patient Record Viewer   MGH Beacon
MEDHOST Reports Viewer  MGH Biomedical Engineering Website 
Media Lab-BH   MGH Cancer Patient Education - CaPE   
Medical Dictionary   MGH Commuters Corner   
Medilinks IRFPAI 2020-LIVE    MGH Drug Formulary Lookup    
Medilinks Live test  MGH Imaging SamePage   
Medilinks Live    MGH Infection Control Surveillance 
Meditech SCC   MGH Infection Control Unit   
Medivators-MGH    MGH Influenza Information    
MedStreaming Client  MGH Intranet Website   
MedStreaming Client-QA  MGH Intranet 
Medstreaming Client-Test   MGH IR Observation 
MEEI PACS   MGH Laboratory Handbook   
MEEI Synapse   MGH Leadership Academy 
MESA ARCHIVE PLUS-NSMC  MGH Learning Laboratory   
Metaviewer  MGH MGPO Quality and Safety  
MetaVision - MGH Anesthesia   MGH Omnicell Analytics -Test    
METRIQ-CDH  MGH Omnicell Analytics 
Metriq-WDH  MGH Pharmacy Ordering  
MGH 3D RADDASH    MGH Provider Master Lookup   
MGH 3D-Test    MGH Surgical Oncology Administrator   
MGH Biotherapy Order Entry CBT   MGHfC Intranet  
MGH Epic RADDASH     MGH-MGPO Policies and Procedures   
MGH MGHPO PatientKeeper    MGH-MGPO Policies and Procedures   
MGH MGPO IDXTERM     MGPO Contracts Database   
MGH OneStaff   MGPO Finance Intranet DEV    
MGH Pathology Insight   MGPO Finance Intranet STAGE  
MGH Psychiatry APPTS    MGPO Finance Intranet  
MGH Push Page     MGPO Finance Systems TestTrack Web 
MGH Safety Reporting    MGPO Online  
MGH Upload Image to Radiology - lifeImage MicroMedex - including PDR   
MGH-CXRPROD    MicroMedex
MGH-CXRTEST    Microstrategy Development And Qa   
MGHROROCKY Python    Milliman CareWeb QI TEST-WDH    
mghrorocky RayStationLauncher   Milliman CareWeb QI-WDH   
MGPO Finance Systems TestTrack Pro  MINDBODY Online - MGH  
MGPO IPORT-MGH    MINIREG - QA Environment  
MicroMedex-NSMC   Minireg   
Microsoft Office Access 2007  Mir3 Emergency Notification  
Microsoft Office Access 2016  Mirc Viewer-BWH 
Microsoft Office Excel 2007   Mobile Aspects iRIS Web-MGH  
Microsoft Office Excel 2016   Mobile MD-WDH
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007   Mosbys Nursing Skills-WDH    
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007   Mosbys on-line  
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016    MPC 
Microsoft Office Word 2007    mPower-WDH
Microsoft Office Word 2016    MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets   
Microsoft Project 2010  MUSE CV Web - MGH  
Microsoft Project 2013  MUSE ECG Insights - BWH   
Microsoft Visio 2013    Muse Web - NWH  
Midas Care Management-WDH  MVH Lab Handbook
Midas CM-Test-WDH    MVH Policies and Procedures  
Midas Epic-Test-WDH     My Access 
Midas Seeker-Test-WDH   MY CITRIX APPS-Non Prod   
Midas Seeker-WDH     My Network Places  
MimVista Clinical 696   My Sharepoint Sites
MimVista Pedriatric 696    MyCitrixApps-WDH
MimVista Test 701    MyView-MGH
Minitab-WDH    NaviCare Smart Client-WDH    
Minuteman-WDH  NCH Policies and Procedures  
Misys Vision-BWPO    NEHEN CTZ Provider Portal    
ML Python   Neuroscience Portal
ML RayStationLauncher   New Innovations 
Moberg CNS Reader-BWH   NextGen HQM-WDH 
Mobius 3D-WDH  NextGen Share-WDH  
MOSAIC   Nextm  
Mosaiq_264_EH     nH Discharge-WDH
Mosaiq_264_MGH    Nova Net-MGH 
Mosaiq_264_NWH    NovaNet-WDH  
MPC for External-MAC    Novo Innovations-WDH   
MQ MERGE TEST DACC   NPCS Clinical Resources   
MQ MERGE TEST MGH    NSMC Policies and Procedures    
MQ MERGE TEST NWH    Nuance PowerShare-MGH  
mTilda Reports    Nuance PowerShare-WDH  
mTilda   Nurse Vacation Tracking System BWH 
MUSE Editor-BWH   NWH AgileTrac
MUSE Editor-MGH   NWH ClickView
MUSE MGH-Test     NWH Intranet Website   
Muse V8 NWH    NWH Policies and Procedures  
MVH - Meditech    NWH TraumaCad
MVH Patient Manager  NWH-Bone Station
MVH Surveillance Display   Occupational Health Tracking System   
Natus OBM Viewer-BWH    Office 365 Remote Assistance    
Natus OBM Viewer-BWH-QA    Office 365 Training & Support   
Natus OBM Viewer-MM-NWH-QA    Olympus Knowledge Exchange -BWFH   
Natus OBM Viewer-NWH    Ombudsman For Patient Flow - MGH   
NCH Patient Manager  Omnicell Analytics-Dev-NSMC  
NCH PI EPIC EXPRESS  Omnicell Analytics-Prod-NSMC    
NCH Surveillance Display   Omnicell Anywhere - SCC   
Network SALESFORCE - MGH   Omnicell Anywhere RN - BWH   
Neuro Omnigo Reporting-WDH   
NSMCCONNECT    Oncology Protocol System  
NSPGCONNECT    OncoTracker  
nThrive Charge Capture Audit-WDH    OPIS Patient Triage Tracking System-MGH  
nThrive Claims and Billing Solutions  Opt-In - MGH 
nThrive Claims and Billing Solutions-QA     Or Staffing Tool BWH   
nThrive Claims and Billing Solutions-WDH  OR Temperature Monitoring-MGH   
nThrive Diagnostic File Upload  Outlook Web App - OWA  
nThrive Release testing    Outlook Web Express
Nuance PowerScribe 360 - BWH  Ovid   
Nurse Call-BWH    P360   
Nursing Quality Management    PACS - SRH
NWH - Meditech    Panopto WebCast 
NWH CADStream  Parking Office Validation    
NWH EPriv   Partners Bitlocker Recovery and Compliance  
NWH HIS Sharepoint   Partners Collaborative Media    
NWH Tableau    Partners CPD 
OBIX 8 MVH Bedside Surveillance  Partners Employee Alert System Admin  
OBIX 8 NCH Bedside Surveillance  Partners Employee Alert System  
OBIX 8 Patient Manager  Partners Handbook  
OMFS Dolphin Imaging-MGH   Partners IS Service Desk  
Omnigo-WDH  Partners Key Lookup
OnBase Client  Partners On Demand 
OnCall   Partners Online Second Opinions    
OneStaff-Prod-NSMC   Partners Policies and Procedures   
On-Line Peer Chart Review Program Test   Partners Pulse  
On-Line Peer Chart Review Program  Partners RDP Self Service    
Optima-PHS  Partners Supply Chain Intranet  
OR Dynamic Scheduling   Partners Telephone Directory    
OR Scheduling Reports   Partners Web Jetadmin Tool   
OR Scheduling  Partners Webjet Admin  
Orchestrator - Staff Assignment-SRH Password Self Service  
Origami  Patient Appointment Location Search   
Orthodude   Patient Call Manager System PCM    
Orthopaedic Code-X - MGH-QA   Patient Education Videos  
Orthopaedic Code-X 2018 - MGH   PatientKeeper TEST-WDH 
Orthopaedic Code-X 2019 - MGH   PatientKeeper-WDH  
Outlook 2016 for TERASVR Test with Microsoft   PBOONLINE 
Paceart Optima    PCC InSite
PaceArt-WDH    PCOI - Primary Care Office InSite  
PACS Web-Dev-NSMC    PCPO Policies and Procedures    
PACS Web-Prod-NSMC   PCS - Position Control System   
Pandora VIA Client - MGH   PEDI BCH Citrix Applications Portal   
Pandora VIA-WDH   PEDI COE  
Partners Authorization System - PHS PEDI Extranet for Childrens  
Partners eCare 3M    PEDI Heme-Onc Website  
Partners Orthopedic Registries   PEDI Internal Web for Childrens    
Partners Sharepoint_1   PEDI LifeIMAGE  
Partners Win10 Application Checker  PEDI PPIP360 
Patient Advocacy MGH    PEDI Queue View Website   
Payroll Tool – PHS   Pediatric Dictionary BWH  
PeC Reporting Portal    Peer Review -PHS
PEC Training Document Viewer  PeopleSoft Crosswalk Web Page   
Percipio    Peoplesoft QA
Performance Manager-WDH    PeopleSoft
Perspective Security-MGH   Pharmacy & Therapeutics Safety Committee 
PH0 SCCM Remote Control - RDP   PharmGuard - MGH
Phone reskilling Test   Pharmogistics-WDH  
PHS Audit   Philips Web Telemetry-WDH    
PHS Enterprise Application Database – PEAD   PHM Patient Look-Up
PHS LDA  Phm Patient LookUp 
PHS PowerScribe 360 Reporting Client  PHS BH Online
PHS PowerScribe 360 Web Portal  PHS Development Intranet  
PHS Self Audit    PHS Ensemble Utilities 
PHS Server Build Inventory    PHS Onc Protocol Repository of Content   
PHS Server Inventory    PHS Oncore
PHS Viewer CBT    PHS Texting Bus 
PlanCheck v3   PHS WITS-MGH 
Plan-IT PFP    Pinnacle  
Plan-IT  Polytex mgr-Cintas-WDH 
Plan-It-QA     POS Nation-WDH  
POE Q PowerBI SCCM Web Dashboard   
Polysmith DMS-MGH    Powerscribe Nuance-WDH 
Polysmith DMS-MGH-QA    Preventice – BH 
Polysmith-BH   Printer Information
Polysmith-MGH     Prism Database  
Polysmith-MGH-QA     PRISM-PACU Slot Mgmt   
Position Control Reporting    Privacy Training
Position Control System    Progeny MGH  
Practice Gateway     Provider Compensation Productivity System - MGH
PRD Smoke Testing    Provider Onboarding - PHS    
Premier EAP    Provider Privilege Lookup - DFCI   
Prevalence Survey NDNQI Regulatory  PSEC Database - BWH
Procare V10    PSK 
Project Web Access   Psychiatry Wiki-MGH
Provation MD - FH    Pyxis ES - Mobile Client-WDH    
Provation View - BWH    Pyxis ES - System Mgr-WDH    
Provation View – MGH    QA Anywhere RN - MGH   
Provation View - NWH    Q-Apps Concurrent Review-WDH    
PS360-BWH-NP-PROD    Qgenda - MGH 
PulseCheck NWH    Qpid Ehr Viewer PHS
PVDOMICS Data Entry Portal    Qpid Gi Screening PHS  
Pycharm64 RayStation Clinical   Qpid Medicine Portal PHS  
Pycharm64   Qpid Radiology Portal PHS    
QPID  Quantifi-WDH 
Quality Data Management-MGH   Rad Onc Policy Manager 
RadCalc  Regional Provider Master  
Radiology Order Entry   Release Management BWH 
Radmin Viewer     Remind Dot com-WDH 
Raisers Edge - DEV   Research Application Security   
Raisers Edge   Research Computing 
Raisers Edge-QA   Residential Inquiry DB - MCL    
Raisers Edge-STAGE   Resource Scheduler Administration Application  
Rapid Access Reader 1   Resource Scheduler End User Application  
Rapid Access Reader 2   Resource Scheduler Super User   
Rapid Access Reader 3   Results Viewer  
Rapid Access Reader 4   Risk Monitor Reporting DFCI  
Rapid Reader-MGH     rL Solutions-WDH
Rapidcomm-BH   RL6 - MVH 
RayStation 7   ROI Secure Delivery Server - Test  
RayStation 8A SP1    ROI Secure Delivery Server   
RayStation 8BR SP1   RPAC - MGH RPACMGH 
RayStation 9 Alpha1  Rsa Security Console   
RayStation 9A Clinical Test   RSL Database 
RayStation 9A eval   RSMG   
RayStation 9A Research  RxAuditor-WDH
RayStation 9A-R RayAnalytics Anonymizer     Safety Reporting - Home Health  
RayStation 9B - MGHROROCKY    Safety Reporting - Spaulding    
RayStation 9B eval   Safety Reporting - Spaulding    
RayStation_503 Test  Safety Reporting BWH Dev  
RayStation_6_SP1_Launcher  Safety Reporting BWH Trn  
RayStation_6_SP1_Report_Designer   Safety Reporting BWHC  
RayStationLauncher 502  Safety Reporting BWHC  
RayStationLauncher   Safety Reporting DFCI  
RDCMan-QA   Safety Reporting DFCI  
REDBOOK - MGH  Safety Reporting MCL - Trn   
Remote Desktop Connection Manager   Safety Reporting MGH   
ReportDesigner 699   Safety Reporting MGH   
ReportDesigner Clin 7   Safety Reporting MGH-Dev  
RescueNet Code Review-BWH-QA  Safety Reporting MGH-Trn  
RescueNet Dispatch - Billing  Safety Reporting NSMC  
Research Navigator   SalesForce Web  
Responder 5-Prod-NSMC   SCCM NE1 Reporting 
Responder 5-Test-NSMC   SCCM Reporting  
Responder5-SRH    Security Report Exec   
Results Web Admin    Sentri7   
Results Web CBT   Sentri7-WDH  
Rhythmstar-WDH    Service Recovery-MGH   
RICAR Free Reports-MGH     ServiceNow Pilot
RICAR Free View-MGH     ServiceNow Training and Testing    
RICAR Free Workflow-MGH    ServiceNow
RiskApps3-Test-NSMC  SharePoint Online  
Roadmap Repository   Simplifi797-WDH 
Roche Instrument Manager-BWH  Simulation Request Form   
Romexis-MGH    SIS COM-WDH  
RPDR Query Tool Daily   SIS Trax-WDH 
RPDR Query Tool   SkilAnalyzer 
RS 5 Report Designer    Smart
RS 8A SP1 Eval    Soarian Workflow Rules Engine-WDH  
RS_Prod_40_and_47    Sophia 
RStudio-QA     SPARKS - OncDRS -Oncology Data Retrieval System
Salesforce Ambulatory-MGH  Spaulding Policies and Procedures  
SAS EGuide     Spectrum Website-WDH   
SAS Enterprise Guide    SPRO Patient Registration Form  
SCC Medilinks Archive   SSH Citrix Workspace   
SCCM NE1 Admin Console     SSH iConnect 
SCCM NE1 Remote Control-RC    SSRS Report BWH 
SECA-NWH    Star Cards-WDH  
Send Message-QA   Steward Healthcare Portal    
SentryOne Client     Taleo Recruiting -Employee Job Search 
Session Recording Player   Taleo Recruiting -Recruiters and Hiring Managers  
SHC Meditech   Tangierweb
Sigma Infusion Pump Gateway-MGH  Teamwork Projects  
SleepLab Easy3-NSMC  Tefra Time Reporting-MGH  
SleepLab-NWH   Telcor WebMRE-WDH  
SleepLab-NWH-QA   TeleHealth Consult Portal - NSMC   
SleepWorks-NWH    Televox-WDH  
Soarian Financials-WDH     TempTrak-WDH 
Soarian Healthcare Query-WDH  Tissue Bank Web Application - MGH  
Soarian Scheduling-WDH     TMS Online BWFH 
Speedy Audit-BWFH    TMS Online-WDH  
Speedy Audit-BWH     TMS Onsite
SQ1 - SmarTerm    TOPCARE   
SQL 2010 Server Data Tools    Trac And Ontrac 
SQL 2012 Server Data Tools    Track It - MGH  
SQL 2016 Server Data Tools    Treadwell Library  
SQL Sentry 81     Tuition Database-WDH   
SQL Server 2008 R2 BI Studio  Ucce unified intelligent center reporting   
SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio  Ultipro TEST-WDH
SQL Server 2012 Management Studio  Ultipro Web-WDH 
SQL Server 2014 Management Studio  Unifier Weblink 
SQL Server 2016 Management Studio  Up-To-Date Web-WDH 
SQL Server 2017 Management Studio  User - Device Query
SRH Hospitality Suite Admin   User_Information
SRH Hospitality Suite Admin-Test   Veriform-WDH 
SRH Hospitality Suite Secure  Vision 
SRH Hospitality Suite Secure-Test  Visitor - AR 
SRH Hospitality Suite   Visitor - HB 
SRH Hospitality Suite-Test    Visitor - MGH
SRH Meditech   Visitor Badge - Web
SRH WeeFIM  Vital Admin  
SSH Amicas  Voalte Messenger - NWH 
State Street   Voalte Messenger-DFCI  
Statit PPR and piMD     Voalte-BWH
Statit-CDH  Vocera Admins Console  
Stemsoft DFCI     Vocera Reporting Console  
SuitePoint BackOffice   VOICEMAIL- MCL  
SuitePoint Data Manager    Volgistics
Sunquest Lab Workstation Utility Wage and Hour Training 
Sunquest Laboratory  Waystar - PHS
Sunquest Pharmacy Test  Web Central  
Sunquest Pharmacy    Wellright-WDH
SynergyReader     WhenToWork-WDH  
SynergyReader-QA     Workfront Sandbox  
Syngo Dynamics Portal-MGH  Workfront 
syngo Dynamics Testing     workwell-WDH 
syngo Dynamics    Worxhub-MVH  
Syngo RMS-Prod-NSMC  WorxHub-NCH  
Syngo V32 - NSMC     Zynx-WDH  
Syntrac Nuclear Cardiology-WDH    
Syntrac Nuclear Medicine-WDH   
Sysmex WAM - MGH-NSMC    
Sysmex WAM Large-BH      
Sysmex WAM Small-BH      
Sysmex WAM-Large-NWH     
Sysmex WAM-Small-NWH     
Sysmex XE-BH    
Sysmex XN-BH    
System Access Request Form  
System Center App Controller   
System Report    
Systems Center Operations Manager 2012  
Tableau Server - MGH     
Tableau Server–PHS DAO Enterprise    
Team Web Access - Partners eCare    
Telcor QML      
Therapist - Salem Hospital Sharepoint     
Topaz DemoOCX   
Trauma V5 Admin Module-BWH     
Trauma V5 Registry-BWH      
Trauma V5 Report Writer-BWH    
Trauma V5 TQIP Report Writer-BWH     
Trust Commerce Troubleshooting    
Trust Commerce     
TSM Admin Command Line   
TSO IS Service Delivery Sharepoint_1   
Unity Real Time - BWFH      
Unity Real Time - NWH    
V6 Burn Admin Module-BWH    
V6 Burn Registry-BWH     
V6 Burn Report Writer-BWH   
Viewpoint Stage    
Virtual Prep-BH    
Visage Imaging Client    
Vision Radiology-WDH     
Visual Cactus Dev     
Visual Cactus-PHS     
Visual Studio 2012  MTM     
Visual Studio 2012    
Visual Studio 2015    
Vitrea Core     
Vitrea Core-QA     
VMware vSphere Client    
WD Off Network     
WD On Network   
Web SEV   
XLTEK Database BWH 45    
XLTEK Database BWH 46    
XLTEK Database BWH    
XLTEK Database MGH 47    
XLTEK Database MGH 48    
XLTEK Database MGH 49    
XLTEK Database MGH 51    
XLTEK Database MGH 52    
XLTEK Database MGH RES   
XLTEK Database MGH  50   
XLTEK Database MGH    
XLTEK Database NWH    
XLTEK Sleep-MGH 13    
XLTEK Sleep-MGH 53    
XLTEK Sleep-MGH 54    
XLTEK Sleep-MGH    
XtremeIO Console      
Zoltan Matlab 2019A   
Zoltan RayStation 8A Scripting Python  



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