HOWTO: Connect Mac OSX to Partners Wireless Network (phswifi3)


  •  Instructions how to connect Mac OSX  to Partners Wireless Network (phswifi3)


  • Platform: Mac OSX
  • OS Version: 10.13, 10.14, 10.15


If you have recently changed your Partners password and you are running into issues connecting to PHSWIFI3 it's most likely because your Mac has stored your previous password. Please follow these instructions to resolve the issue.


1. Select the Airport menu from the menu bar at the top of your display; the icon is shaped like a piece of pie. You should see an item that reads Turn Airport On (if you do not see this, your Airport card may already be turned on).

2. Select the Airport menu from the menu bar at the top of your display, and select phswifi3.

3. Enter your Partners User ID and Password in the fields. You may choose to check Remember this network so you will not have to enter your information every time.

4. The window below will pop up to let you know there is no security certificate. Click on Show Certificate.

5. Check the box Always trust "" certificate and then hit continue.

You should now be connected to the phswifi3 wireless network.

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