HOWTO: Connect Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to Partners Wi-Fi (phswifi3)

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
OS Version: iOS 11-13


These page provide instructions on connecting to PHSWIFI3.  This is the internal Partners W-Fi network which uses 802.1x encryption.  Do not use phspiaguest wireless network as the guest network is not encrypted and sits outside the Partners firewall.

  1. Tap on the Settings icon

  2. Tap on Wi-Fi


  3. Select phswifi3 from the list of available wireless networks. Do not select phspiaguest as that wireless network is not encrypted and is outside the Partners firewall

  4. Enter your Partners Username and Partners Password.
    Click Join


  5. If prompted, Accept the Certificate.  It is normal if it says that the connection is verified.

  6. Once your account information has been verified, you will be automatically connected to the phswifi3 network whenever it is available


  7. Tap on the Home Button to complete the process.

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