INFO: Network Access Control (NAC)

Partners is committed to providing a consistent computing experience across all devices used at work to assure productive, stable and secure computers (Windows PCs, Apple Macs, smartphones and tablets). Network Access Control (NAC) is a component of the overall effort with a focus on strengthening the security of our environment. 

  • Network Access Control (NAC) checks devices connecting to the Partners network for compliance with specific security policies. The current agent used at Partners is ForeScout SecureConnector.
  • ForeScout SecureConnector is installed on most Partners standard Windows workstations and some PEAS-enrolled Macs. Mobile devices, such as phones or tablets, and Linux * computers are exempt at this time.

What do I need to do?

Check to see if you have the agent installed on your computer by opening your Applications folder and searching for ForeScout SecureConnector. View Instructions

If you do not find ForeScout SecureConnector in your list, please install the appropriate agent from the website.

Note: You need to connect your computer to the Partners network or on VPN to install.

What does SecureConnector do on my device?

Each time you log onto the network through VPN or at Assembly Row, a scan runs to report device compliance with security requirements. If your device is compliant, no action is required. If your device is not compliant, you will be prompted with a screen that directs you to secure your device.

How do I secure my device?

Make sure your antivirus software is present, patches are up to date and your device is encrypted. Visit for complete details and software installs. 

The requirements are outlined in the policy: EISS-9a.2: IT Access Control Standards for Networks.

Please contact the IS Service Desk for assistance


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