HOWTO: Reviewing Assets

Reviewing Your Assets


To review all of the assets that have been assigned to you, click the My Assets link from the ServiceNow homepage:



ServiceNow displays a report with all of your assets, if any. If no assets have been assigned to you, this list will be blank.






Reviewing Configuration Items for You and Your Team


Users with super user access (ITIL role) in ServiceNow can view all configuration items for which they or any of their team are assigned as the Configuration Owner. Do so by running a report as follows:


1. Click the View / Run from the Reports module in ServiceNow.



2. Search for and select “Configuration Items Owned by” in Global Reports.




3. ServiceNow displays a report with all of configuration items owned by you or members of your team or teams.



 Best practice: If someone has left Partners, all of his or her configuration items should be reassigned to another team, reassigned to his or her manager or retired as soon as possible. 


4.  You may note some configuration items that no longer belong to you or your team. If you have super user access in ServiceNow, you can reassign them to the correct user (if known) or to your manager or configuration coordinator. Continue by clicking the Name of the configuration item.




5. Click the Ownership tab.



6. Then, update the CI Owner field, as appropriate, and click Update




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