HOWTO: Order Amazon Web Services



  •  This process is currently undergoing reconstruction and is subject to change. In the near future all AWS Service requests will have to go through the ITS Deployment Services team. If you have any questions, please contact Ronald Jean (RJEAN6@PARTNERS.ORG)


  •  To provide the research community with instructions and tips for ordering Amazon Web Services (AWS).


  • Information Security Review at the Cloud Workgroup.
  • New projects need to use PHS authentication (Okta).
  • Credit Card to create the account (for temporary hold)
  • Instructions how to Access eBuy, Partners PeopleSoft System setup

Instructions to set up an individual account:

  1. Setup an account at You will need to use a Credit Card as a temporary hold. 
    1. Please use your Partners Affiliated email address for the account, i.e., or and or
  2. Next, create a Requisition (REQ) in EBuy/PeopleSoft.
    1. The vendor info: AMAZON WEB SERVICES INC (0000514297)
    2. Select Fixed Cost Service.
    3. For service description use  Web Service
    4. Set an end date that the PO will expire on. It is recommended to set a maximum of one year for the service.
  3. Once you have the eBuy REQ number, send a note to Blake Hug at Amazon (blakehug@amazon.comwith the eBuy REQ number requesting a switch to invoice billing (with all of the billing information including the purchase order number). The process to switch accounts takes approximately two weeks.

If you want to renew the service, you will need to create a new REQ in PeopleSoft.

If you have questions about the AWS service please contact:

Blake Hug, Account Manager: 

Joe Spiezo, Solutions Architecture Manager:

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