INFO: Cancel a Dell Computer Order

This article is for department purchasers and others who purchase Dell computer equipment for their department. A re-stocking fee and return shipping fees may apply. 

Cancel a Dell Computer Order

If the order has not yet been approved in PeopleSoft, please email the cost center manager and ask that they deny the order.  

If the order has already been approved in PeopleSoft, please make a request to Supply Chain Operations. 
• Call 617-726-2142 M-F, 8:30 am -4:30 pm
• Open an online ticket anytime - available 24/7

Open an Online Request to Cancel an Order

  1. Go to the IS Service Hub
  2. Click Make a Request
  3. Under General Requests, click Supply Chain Operations Support
  4. Complete the Form. 

    1. In the Subcategory field, select Order Status - Cancel Order.
    2. Include the Req or PO Number and the vendor name, Dell.
    3. Add any attachments if available.
  5. Click Submit.

Go to KB0038406 in the IS Service Desk

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