HOWTO: Configure Outlook 2007 for Windows

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  •  Instructions how to configure Outlook for Windows to connect to the Partners Exchange Email system


  •  Microsoft Outlook 2007.  Contact the Service Desk if you need a copy of the software.


    1. Launch the Control Panel
    2. Select Mail or User Accounts and then Mail
    3. Select Show Profiles

    1. Select Add (Note: if you have more than one profile, select “Prompt for a profile to be used”)

    1. Type in your Partners Username (i.e. ABC0)

    1. Partners Microsoft Exchange Server will not work with the Auto Account Setup. Therefore, select Manually Configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.

    1. Select Microsoft Exchange Server and click Next

    1. Type in in the Microsoft Exchange Server field.
    2. Un-check “Use Cache Exchange Mode
    3. Type your Partners UserName
    4. Click Check Name
    5. You might be prompted for a logon
    6. Username = Partners\<username>
    7. Password = Partners Network Password

    1. Your Microsoft Exchange Server should be resolved. You will notice your name underlined now.
    2. Select Next

    1. Select Finish

You can now launch Outlook 


Comments/Questions? Go to the article in the IS Service Desk

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