HOWTO: Configure Partners Email on an iPhone or iPad (iOS Device)


  •  Instructions how to configure Email on an iPhone or iPad  (iOS Device) for Partners Exchange 2010 


  • Platform: iPhone, iPad
  • OS Version: iOS 6, 7.x, 8.x

If you experience difficulties, please remove your existing Partners Email Account first and then add the new Exchange 2010 Account.


  1. Tap on Settings

  2. Depending on your version, tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars or Mail

  3. Depending on your version, tap Add Account or Accounts and then Add Account
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange

  5. Enter in the following information and tap Next
    Email: Your Partners Email Address
    Password: Your Partners Password
    Description: <optional>

  6. After a few moments, you will be brought to another page to fill in more information.  Tap Next after you have filled out each line.


    Exchange 2010

    Email: or
    Domain: partners
    Username: <Partners Username>
    Password: <Partners Password>
    Description:  Partners

     Exchange Online (Office 365)

    Email: or
    Domain: Leave blank
    Username: main email address
    Password: <Partners Password>
    Description:  Partners



  7. At this point, your iOS device will attempt to verify your information.  If you typed in your information correctly, you will see the following 2 screens.  You selectively choose to synchronize your Partners Email, Calendars and/or Contacts. Tap Save to complete configuration.




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