HOWTO: Send an Archived Email (Shortcut) as an Attachment


  • Instructions how to send an archived email (shortcut) as an attachment.
  • If you send an archived email (shortcut or stub) as an attachment, the recipient will not be able to open it.  The reason is because it is a shortcut to your Vault, which the recipient does not have access to.
  • For more information please visit the internal Enterprise Vault sharepoint site at:


  • Microsoft Outlook Client for Windows.
  • Enterprise Vault Email Plug-in.


You must first move the message out of your Vault and back into your mailbox:

  1. Highlight the message (shortcut) you want to send.
  2. Click the Restore from Vault icon on the toolbar.
    • Click OK when the popup box appears.
  3. After a short period of time, the message will be restored.  Notice that the icon has changed back to an envelope.
  4. Attach the message to your email.






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