How to Install Syncplicity on your Mac

Installing Syncplicity for Mac

To install Syncplicity on any platform (OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, etc), you will need to follow the same basic steps: Go to the Syncplicity website to get the latest version of the software, download and install the software and tell Syncplicity which folders and files you want to synchronize to the cloud and across your devices.


    1. Navigate to the Partners Syncplicity site by pointing your browser to:
    2. If your machine has not done so recently, you will need to authenticate against the Partners SaaS portal. This will look familiar if you use other services such as PeopleSoft.

    3. Enter in your Partners Username and click Login
    4. If prompted, answer the security questions and proceed with loggin into the Partners SaaS portal

    5. Once you have completed the login, you will be taken automatically to the Syncplicity portal
    6. Click on Install
    7. and download the Syncplicity client

  1. Drag the Syncplicity icon into your Applications folder

  2. Run Syncplicity by double-clicking on the Syncplicity icon in your Applications folder


Go to KB0027975 in the IS Service Desk

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