HOWTO: Printing at PHS Assembly Row

Choose the instructions for your device below.

Windows: Partners Standard Devices (equipped with Partners Applications Menu)

There are two options available:

Secure Printing (Badge Print)

The recommended print option for security and reducing the number of “orphaned” print jobs at Assembly Row. At this time, Secure Printing is only available on Partners standard Windows devices (equipped with the Partners Applications menu and screensaver).

Secure Printing Instructions

Self-Service Printer Portal

If badge print is unavailable, or you would like to send your print jobs to a specific printer, go to Partners Applications > Self-Service Printer Portal - PHS. If you do not see Self Service Printer Portal in your Partners Applications menu, please open a ticket with the Service Desk. 

  Self Service Printer Portal Instructions


Mac Print Instructions


Windows: Non-standard Devices

Windows Non-Standard Device Print Instructions

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