Home drive (H:\) transition from CIFS2 to CIFSHD


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Applies To: All Users

Home Drive Move

On May 17th, 2020, Home Drives (H:) will be moved. For most users, there is no change in how you access your home drive. You will see the new name and location as H CIFSHD HOMEDIR. This change only applies to Home Drives and does not impact shared file areas (SFAs).

All VPN users and all users who access Home (H:) drives on a Mac, non-standard Windows PC or personal computer, must verify and update drive mappings to the new name of CIFSHD before 5/17 to ensure continued access.

Please reference the attached FAQ for some of the more common questions.

Instructions to update your drive mapping:

If you have any questions, please contact the IS Service Desk.


IS Service Desk


AWHP 617-643-2020

BWFH 617-983-7454

BWH 617-732-5927

BWH-RICS 617-525-0848

CDHC 413-582-5005

DFCI 617-632-3399

MCL 781-416-8940

MEE 617-573-3128

MGH 617-726-5085

NSMC 978-354-2014

NWH 617-243-6001

PCPO 857-282-5999

PHH 617-726-0790

PHS 857-282-4357

SRN 617-952-5555

WDH 603-740-2420